What’s this?… Unknown Tree at St. Vincent Parking Lot…

I saw this tree with reddish leaves on a tree at our church’s parking lot (Northern San Francisco Bay Area/zone 9b).
Anyone know what this tree is?

Unknown Plant (Photo 2 of 3)

I also have another photo here.
I saw some seeds and collected some.

Unknown Plant (Photo 3 of 3)

[Update] It’s Purple-leafed Hop-bush – Dodonaea viscosa ‘Purpurea’ (Family: Sapindaceae)

  • Dsweet333

    I love the look of the dodonea plant and just purchased several. However, I purchased more of a tree than bush.  Do you know if the bottom branches that have been cut will/can grow back?  I realize I like the look of the flow-y bush better than the tree.  Didn’t really know that they could be a tree.