So Many Fruits…

I just updated the What’s Growing? page and didn’t realize how many fruit trees we have until I listed them all down. Below is the list so far, not even including all the grafts that I have made.

– Fig (unknown variety)
– Asian Pear (unknown variety, near kitchen)
– Apple (unknown Gala/Fuji?, near kitchen)
– Lemon? (need to check what kind of citrus, near kitchen)
– Orange or Tangerine (unknown variety, near storage)
– Pomegranate (unknown variety, near storage)
– European Plum (unknown variety, behind storage) Folia
– Asian Plum (unknown Santa Rosa-type, near storage) Folia
– Cherry ‘Bing’ Folia
– Asian Plum (unknown, near sink) Folia
– Asian Pear (unknown variety, near sink) Folia
– Persimmon ‘Fuyu’ (near patio)
– Apple ‘Golden Delicious’/’Red Delicious?’/Fuji? Folia
– European Plum (unknown variety, near patio) Folia
– Plum (unknown, front of SFG #1)
– Persimmon ‘Hachiya’ (in SFG #1)
– Peach ‘Elberta’ (in SFG #1) Folia
– Feijoa ‘Albert’s Pride #1’ (5 plants grown from seedlings) Folia
– Apple (unknown, near SFG #1)
– Apricot (unknown variety, near SFG #1) Folia
– Crabapple (need to check what this tree is)
– Plum (unsure what kind of stone fruit this is)
– Apple (unknown Gala/Fuji?, corner near Pears)
– Pear ‘Bosc’ (#1) Folia
– Pear ‘Bosc’ (#2) Folia
– Pear ‘Bosc’ (#3) Folia
– Pear ‘Bartlett’ Folia
– Pomelo (unknown variety, in SFG #2) Folia
– Persimmon ‘Fuyu’ (2 trees in SFG #3)
– Peach ‘Elberta’ (near garage) Folia
– Banana (unknown variety)
– Avocado (2 trees)
– Grape ‘Concord’
– Grape ‘Flame Seedless’  Folia
– Grape (unknown Red variety)
– Orange (unknown variety, front yard) Folia
– Calamansi (front yard) Folia
– Guava ‘Tropic White’ (front yard)
– Grapefruit (grown from seed, front yard) Folia
– Lemon ‘Variegated Pink’ (potted/front yard)
– Pomegranate (unknown variety, potted/front yard)
– Kiwi (unknown variety, small plant/smooth stem)
– Kiwi (unknown variety, big plant/hairy stem)
– Kiwi (unknown variety, big plant/hairy stem)
– Kiwi (unknown variety, big plant/smooth stem)
– Fig (rooted from scion, in 1-gallon pot)
– Mango (grown from seed), in 1-gallon pot)
– Ugni molinae (Chilean Guava) (in 1-gallon pot)
– Highbush Blueberry ‘Bluecrop’ (in 5-gallon pot) Folia