So Many Fruits…

I just updated the What’s Growing? page and didn’t realize how many fruit trees we have until I listed them all down. Below is the list so far, not even including all the grafts that I have made.

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Alyssum Sprouting + Daikon and Mango Sowed…

I was surprised to see sprouts already from the seeds I planted 2 days ago. The Alyssum ‘Easter Bonnet Deep Rose’ Folia is already sprouting…


I know Daikons are supposed to be planted directly in the ground and not transplanted, but I was curious if I can start it and plant it once I see a small sprout. For my experiment, I planted it two ways:

Daikon Sowing Experiment

Left: I made small, but tall newspaper pots, so I can plant them directly into veggie bed once sprouted. I planted Daikon ‘Mino Early’ Folia in these.

Right: I used Jiffy Peat Pellets with the outside netting removed. I placed them on top of about an inch layer of soil, so the roots can grow deeper. I planted Daikon ‘Sweet Glade’ Folia in these.


Inside Mango Seed

I saved another Mango Folia seed from a Mango we bought and ate… and will try growing it.


Gardening at Work…

Mango Progress… It looks so cute!

Mango Progress (April 20, 2010)

I planted the Mango as well as the sprouting Variegated Corn and Purple Majesty Millet (G2) into larger pots.

I accidentally snapped the tip of the Mango root and hope that it’ll be okay.

Potted Up

Planting at Work

Flowers and Sprouts…

We have a bunch of pink and purple flowers now in bloom in our backyard:

Money Plant and Seaside Daisy

Money Plant Flowers Seaside Daisy

Cerinthe and Chinese Ground Orchid

Volunteer Cerinthe 'Purple Bells' Chinese Ground Orchid

At work, the Variegated Corn and Purple Majesty Millet (G2) sprouted over the weekend.

Variegated Corn Sprouting Purple Majesty Millet (G2) Sprouting

I was really happy to see that my Mango seed sprouted leaves!!!

Sprouting Mango

Mango Seed Sprouting Roots…

The Mango seed that I didn’t think would grow, but planted anyways is sprouting some roots!!!

Mango Sprouting

Garden Progress (Early January 2010)

I haven’t posted photos from the garden lately, so I decided to upload a few that I photographed earlier this month.


My Mom’s Camellias are in bloom now. I also noticed that the Pineapple Sage was blooming a lot, which really surprised me.

Mango (Winter Progress)

My Mango is doing pretty well considering that I lost most of it the previous winters. This year, I didn’t want that to happen so I placed it in our patio near the house wall and covered it with several layers of a floating row cover. I think it’ll do ok and can’t wait from the spring.

Mango Progess

I was very surprised when a Mango seed that I planted for the heck of it grew… and grew… and grew…

Potted Mango Seed   Emerging Mango Stem and Leaves (17 Days Old)

Mango Progress (26 Days Old)   Mango Repotted (33 Days Old)

The photos above are taken when the Mango was 0, 17, 26 and 33 days old.

More photos (and updates) can be found on this flickr page.

Winter Vacation…

I can’t wait for winter to end…

I’ve hardly gardened in our yard after being discouraged by some really cold weather… well, relative to our normal weather. We’ve had a couple weeks below freezing, which is normal elsewhere… but is kinda rare for our area.

Here are a few of my indoor winter projects:

Coleus: I’ve been overwintering my Coleus in my bedroom again and I think I now have around 40-60 different cultivars. Several didn’t make it, but most survived, some better than others. I’ve had problems with mealy bugs and ants, and can’t seem to get rid of them. I actually took everything out of my room today and sprayed them off in the back. Hopefully, I got rid of a majority of them.

Orchids: I have also started a small collection of Orchids, which I got as gifts or pass-a-long, or $5 baby plants I got from Home Depot. I recently added a few more with plants I got from the Pacific Orchid Expo which was in San Francisco this weekend.

Cactus: I (re)discovered a package of Cactus seed and planted them…. and they are growing really well.

Mango: I thought I would try planting a Mango seed from a Mango we got from the grocery store, just for the heck of it… I didn’t think it would grow, but surprisingly it grew really really fast. It’s a little more than a month since I planted the seed and the plant is now about 7 inched tall.

Feijoa (Pineapple Guava): I got several seedlings of a very tasty Feijoa, which a grower was giving away at the last scion exchange. I’m trying to grow them and hopefully in a few years, I’ll have my own Feijoa tree.

One other kinda big thing happened last month was that the company I work for moved to the building next door… and luckily my new cubicle has windows!!! Now I can garden at work… and I now have more than half of my overwintering Coleus on my window sill :)