Lotsa Gardening Done…

I had a day off today and it was a nice day… so I was motivated to get a lot of gardening done before it starts to rain again.

I started the day off by taking the Horseradish and some seedlings ( Cerinthe Folia, Butter Daisy, Tweedia, Alyssum, Tidy Tips, Bells of Ireland and Larkspur ) from the grow lights in my bedroom outside to harden off. This made more room for the Tomato and Pepper seedlings, which I raise up higher and placed directly under the growlights.

I divided the seven Cerinthe Folia and potted them into four pots. I looked around the garden to find a future home for the Cerinthe and I noticed that there where about 5 volunteers Folia where they grew last year… so I think I may plant these seedlings in the front yard once they get bigger.

I also took out Pepino Dulce Folia cutting because they were way overdue to be potted up. I placed them into three 5″ pots before I figure out where to plant them.

Many of the winter veggies seedlings (Bok Choy, Dwarf Blue Curled Kale and Dinosaur Kale) are getting too big for the cell-packs so I divided them and placed them into drinking cup pots.

In the front garden, I planted a few of the Agrostemma and Early Gigantea Sweet Peas seedlings into the two big clay pots. I think I’ll also plant the Cerinth and Bright Lights Swiss Chard here to really fill these pots.

In the SFG Veggie Beds, I planted a square with the Daikon. They were really tiny and I was afraid slugs may eat them, so I overed them with clear plastic drinking cups (with holes for ventilation). I also planted one and half squares of the Broad Leaf Mustard. They looked like they were getting ready to bolt… Hopefully, they won’t. I also planted two Green Lucullus Swiss Chard into half a square.

I planted the Cilantro into it’s own pot and hope it would fill out. To help this out, I also planted some more Cilantro seeds between the plants and mulched it with cocoa mulch.

I also sowed a succession planting of the Super Snappy Pea seeds between the existing Super Snappy Peas which are already flowering and fruiting even though they are only about a foot tall. Hmm? I wonder if they will get taller like our usual 5+ foot tall Snap Peas.

Not much has happened in the Wintersowing bins, but I did see a few sprouts from the Subaru Wildflower Mix.

Purple Potatoes

It was getting dark and as I putting thing away, I found the Purple Potatoes that I harvested from last year and noticed they were sprouting. I got to get them into the soil soon.

Harvested Green Onions

My Mom also harvested a few Green Onion stalks for tonights dinner. It’s great to be able to harvest veggies straight from the garden when you need it.

PlantCam: Cerinthe Sprouting

These are Cerinthe that I sowed on February 23, 2011. This is their growth from Feb 27 to Mar 3.
I wish the photos were clearer. I had the wrong focus setting.

Tons of Sprouts…

Many of the seeds sown on the 23th are now sprouting…

– Tomato ‘Woodle Orange’ Folia
– Tomato ‘Hippy Zebra’ Folia
– Tomato ‘Brandywine Red’ Folia
– Tomato ‘Hawaiian Pineapple’ Folia
– Tomato ‘Copia’ Folia
– Tomato ‘San Marzano’ Folia
– Tomato ‘Vintage Wine’ Folia
– Tomato ‘Red Pear’ Folia
– Tomato ‘Red Zebra’ Folia
– Tomato ‘Speckled Red Roma’ Folia
– Cerinthe Folia

The two Daikons (Mino Early Folia and Sweet Glade Folia ) are also sprouting… I think I will have to move them outdoor soon…

Firecracker Begonia + Horseradish Update + Sowing a Bunch of Seeds…

The Firecracker Begonia Folia that I sowed on Feb. 8 finally sprouted this weekend, even though I doubted that they would. They are so tiny and there are so many of them!!!

Sprouting Firecracker Begonia

Compare the sprouts to the tip of a pen.

The Horseradish Folia sprout that I found on Feb. 5 has sprouted roots. I’ll plant it in soil and slowly harden it off to go outdoor.

Rooted Horseradish

Finally, I sowed a bunch of seeds this evening.

Sown Seeds

They include:
– Tomato ‘Brandywine Red’ (G2/2010) Folia
– Tomato ‘Copia’ (G2/2010) Folia
– Tomato ‘Azoycha Yellow Russian’ (G2/2010) Folia
– Tomato ‘San Marzano’ (G2/2010) Folia
– Tomato ‘Hippy Zebra’ (G2/2010) Folia
– Tomato ‘Hawaiian Pineapple’ (G2/2010) Folia
– Tomato ‘Speckle Red Roma’ (G2/2010) Folia
– Tomato ‘Vntage Wine’ (G2/2010) Folia
– Tomato ‘Red Zebra’ (G2/2010) Folia
– Tomato ‘Red Pear’ (G2/2010) Folia
– Tomato Tree
– Pepper (Sweet Mini Red G2/2007)
– Pepper (Sweet Mini Orange G2/2008)
– Pepper (Trader Joe’s Sweet Long Red G2/2010) Folia
– Butter Daisy Folia
– Cerinthe ‘Purple Bells’ Folia
– Larkspur ‘Giant Imperial Mix’
– Alyssum ‘Easter Bonnet Deep Rose’ Folia
– Bells of Ireland
– Tweedia caerulea (G2/2007) Folia
– Nasturtium ‘Alaska Mix’ (G2/2010) Folia
– Datura metal ‘Golden Queen’
– Datura metal ‘Purple Queen’ Folia
– Starfruit
– Tidy Tips (G2/2010) Folia
– Tomato ‘Woodle Orange’ Folia
– Pepper ‘Golden Marconi (G2/2010)’ Folia

Father’s Day Gardening…

After having a great Father’s Day with a big BBQ lunch for my brother… then a short nap… I work in the garden a bit.

I’m slowly cleaning up the Square Foot Beds and this evening I started collecting seeds from the dried up volunteer Wild Calendula plants so I can cut them down to make room for new plants. There were quite a few seeds and I’m sure several dropped before I got to collect them… but those will form the plants for next year.

Dried Wild Calendula Wild Calendula Seeds

As I was cutting the Wild Calendula, my Mom started cutting down the bolting Beets Folia in a nearby square. These Beets are actually pretty old–they were planted May 2008… and I don’t have the heart to chop them down completely. I’ll just let them grow and pick off the young leave to use for greens… though I’m debating weather to move them or just let them stay at there current location.

I noticed that the volunteer Cerinthes Folia are already dropping seeds…

First Plum Harvest

I picked my first Plum Folia fruit from the tree next to the sink. It’s not completely ripe but still good… sweet with a little tartness. Yumm!

Flowers and Sprouts…

We have a bunch of pink and purple flowers now in bloom in our backyard:

Money Plant and Seaside Daisy

Money Plant Flowers Seaside Daisy

Cerinthe and Chinese Ground Orchid

Volunteer Cerinthe 'Purple Bells' Chinese Ground Orchid

At work, the Variegated Corn and Purple Majesty Millet (G2) sprouted over the weekend.

Variegated Corn Sprouting Purple Majesty Millet (G2) Sprouting

I was really happy to see that my Mango seed sprouted leaves!!!

Sprouting Mango

It Was a Really Busy Garden Day…

  • 12:24pm I like how Guy Fieri (Guy’s Big Bite) promotes composting kitchen scraps, even if it’s just in a bucket for your houseplants. #
  • 12:45pm Spring Starflower, Snapdragons, Daffodils, Candytuff and Calendula are blooming in our backyard… #
    Spring Starflower  Daffodils  Mini Daffodils  Calendula 'Pacific Beauty'  Candytuff