Alyssum Sprouting + Daikon and Mango Sowed…

I was surprised to see sprouts already from the seeds I planted 2 days ago. The Alyssum ‘Easter Bonnet Deep Rose’ Folia is already sprouting…


I know Daikons are supposed to be planted directly in the ground and not transplanted, but I was curious if I can start it and plant it once I see a small sprout. For my experiment, I planted it two ways:

Daikon Sowing Experiment

Left: I made small, but tall newspaper pots, so I can plant them directly into veggie bed once sprouted. I planted Daikon ‘Mino Early’ Folia in these.

Right: I used Jiffy Peat Pellets with the outside netting removed. I placed them on top of about an inch layer of soil, so the roots can grow deeper. I planted Daikon ‘Sweet Glade’ Folia in these.


Inside Mango Seed

I saved another Mango Folia seed from a Mango we bought and ate… and will try growing it.


Firecracker Begonia + Horseradish Update + Sowing a Bunch of Seeds…

The Firecracker Begonia Folia that I sowed on Feb. 8 finally sprouted this weekend, even though I doubted that they would. They are so tiny and there are so many of them!!!

Sprouting Firecracker Begonia

Compare the sprouts to the tip of a pen.

The Horseradish Folia sprout that I found on Feb. 5 has sprouted roots. I’ll plant it in soil and slowly harden it off to go outdoor.

Rooted Horseradish

Finally, I sowed a bunch of seeds this evening.

Sown Seeds

They include:
– Tomato ‘Brandywine Red’ (G2/2010) Folia
– Tomato ‘Copia’ (G2/2010) Folia
– Tomato ‘Azoycha Yellow Russian’ (G2/2010) Folia
– Tomato ‘San Marzano’ (G2/2010) Folia
– Tomato ‘Hippy Zebra’ (G2/2010) Folia
– Tomato ‘Hawaiian Pineapple’ (G2/2010) Folia
– Tomato ‘Speckle Red Roma’ (G2/2010) Folia
– Tomato ‘Vntage Wine’ (G2/2010) Folia
– Tomato ‘Red Zebra’ (G2/2010) Folia
– Tomato ‘Red Pear’ (G2/2010) Folia
– Tomato Tree
– Pepper (Sweet Mini Red G2/2007)
– Pepper (Sweet Mini Orange G2/2008)
– Pepper (Trader Joe’s Sweet Long Red G2/2010) Folia
– Butter Daisy Folia
– Cerinthe ‘Purple Bells’ Folia
– Larkspur ‘Giant Imperial Mix’
– Alyssum ‘Easter Bonnet Deep Rose’ Folia
– Bells of Ireland
– Tweedia caerulea (G2/2007) Folia
– Nasturtium ‘Alaska Mix’ (G2/2010) Folia
– Datura metal ‘Golden Queen’
– Datura metal ‘Purple Queen’ Folia
– Starfruit
– Tidy Tips (G2/2010) Folia
– Tomato ‘Woodle Orange’ Folia
– Pepper ‘Golden Marconi (G2/2010)’ Folia


It’s funny how one search on Google can lead to more and more. That’s what happened when I did a search to see what climate Alyssum likes. I noticed we have tons of seedlings growing in our front yard right now and it’s fall and getting colder.

First thing I learned (from Wikipedia) was that there are 100–170 species of Alyssum and they are in the Brassicaceae family (the Broccoli/Cabbage/Kale family), which I knew. I was surprised to find out that the Sweet Alyssum growing in our front yard is not in the genus Alyssum (although it use to be), but in the genus Lobularia – Lobularia maritima.


There’s another close relative to Alyssum called Aurinia. I saw a photo on Wikipedia and it looks very similar to a plant that my brother bought and neglected, although it’s still surviving in its cell pack container. A few months back I took a few plants from it to grow myself. I’ll have to check if I can find the tag and see if it is an Aurinia.

One final thing I learned was that the yellow Alyssum that I’ve been trying to grow for several years from seed (but never germinated) is an Aurinia; Aurinia saxatilis or Gold Dust Alyssum. The seed package says labels it as Saxatile compactum. It’ll be funny if we’ve had the plant I’ve been trying to grow from seed all this time. Although it has never bloomed, so I wouldn’t have known.

So, I discovered all this because I was searching when I should sow the Alyssum Eastern Bonnet Series – Deep Rose seeds I purchased recently.