It Was a Really Busy Garden Day…

  • 12:24pm I like how Guy Fieri (Guy’s Big Bite) promotes composting kitchen scraps, even if it’s just in a bucket for your houseplants. #
  • 12:45pm Spring Starflower, Snapdragons, Daffodils, Candytuff and Calendula are blooming in our backyard… #
    Spring Starflower  Daffodils  Mini Daffodils  Calendula 'Pacific Beauty'  Candytuff
    • 12:49pm Cutting down the dead Zinnia plants from last year into bite sized pieces for the compost bin#
      Nanay Cutting Up Dead Zinnias
    • 1:02pm Cleaning up the Money Plant (Lunaria annua) pot; removing dead leaves and fluffing up the mulch. #
    • 1:27pm Clearing part of SFG Veggie bed to plant some winter greens… I found some volunteer Tomatoes already sprouting. #
      Clearing Part of SFG Veggie Bed #2  Temporary Blue Glass Stone Divider  Winter Greens
    • 14:24 Planted out Bok Choy ‘Joi Choy’ (5 squares) and Mustard ‘Broad Leaf’ (2.5 squares)… #
      Bok Choy 'Joi Choy'  Mustard 'Broad Leaf'
    • 3:26pm Planted out the French Mesclun into two hanging baskets… #
      French Musclun
    • 3:29pm Can hear the Bees buzzing around the Hardenbergia#
      Bees and Hardenbergia
    • 4:39pm Planted out Kale ‘Dwarf Blue Curled’ into two squares in the SFG Veggie Bed and also two 5-gallon pots… #
      Kale 'Dwarf Blue Curled'  Kale 'Dwarf Blue Curled'
    • 4:52pm Planted 3 Kale ‘Dinosaur’ into a 5-gallon pot… #
      Kale 'Dinosaur'
    • 5:09pm Planting out 9 Elephant Garlics and 4 Swiss Chard ‘Fordhook Giant’ into SFG Veggie Bed 3… #
      Elephant Garlic Rooted  Elephant Garlic Roots  Elephant Garlic (Before Planting)  Elephant Garlic (Planted)  Swiss Chard 'Fordhook Giant'
    • 6:40pm Planted 9 more Elephant Garlic bulbs into one square in SFG Veggie Bed #2… #
      9 More Elephant Garlic Planted
    • 6:47pm Winter sowed: Zinnia ‘Whirligig’, Cosmos ‘Bright Lights Mix’, Alyssum ‘Gold Dust’, Melampodium (Butter Daisy), Cilantro, Zinnia (Fall 2005) #
      Winter Sown Seeds  Winter Sown

    • 6:48p Washed and brought in tons of plant labels to be dried, erased and reused… #
      Plant Labels Drying
    • 7:15pm Harvested Kale ‘Dinosaur’, Kale ‘Red Russian’ and Swiss Chard for dinner tonight… #
      Winter Green Harvest  Winter Green Harvest
    • 7:20pm Asian Plum (near storage) is now in bloom… Asian Plum (near sink) looks like it’s about to bloom (maybe by next weekend)… #
    • 7:21pm Collected Cerinthe ‘Purple Bells’ seeds from last year’s plants… #
      Collected Cerinthe Seeds