Gardens are a Form of Autobiography + Centella asiatica + Wild Radish + Peach Left Curl Question

  • 2:47am Wish List: Takip Kuhol (Centella asiatica) #
  • 9:08am Gardens are a form of autobiography. ~Sydney Eddison #
  • 11:26am It [my garden] would say I’m a packrat and I will try to take care of any plants I can find… (but I love it!) #
  • 11:39am This morning, I saw white/pink Wild Radish flowers in bloom along the freeway near Solano Fairgrounds… #
  • 6:47pm Anyone know an organic method to get rid of Peach Leaf Curl?
    We have been manually picking the affected leaves off… #

    Peach Leaf Curl Disease   Leaf Curl Removal

New Lens + Chicken and Pork Posole…

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  • 10:50pm Chicken and Pork Posole for lunch… Leftover Chicken and Pork Posole for dinner… Yumm!… I need to learn how to cook this!!!… #

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Umm, I’m not sure about this one:

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Wish List: Takip Kuhol (Centella asiatica)

I just saw an interesting plant that I’ve never heard of on a Filipino TV show. Takip Kuhol (aka Gotu Kola, Spadeleaf) (Centella asiatica) literally translates to "cover snail" in Tagalog. It is an medicinal plant that can be used for wound and skin sores. Also high in Vitamin B and the leaves can eaten in a salad.

At first I thought it was this weed I found growing in our lawn. But upon further research it’s a different plant.

I’ll have to research if this plant is sold locally and if it will survive here.

☉ Dave’s Garden Plantfiles
☉ Philippine Medicinal Plants: Takip-kohol – Scientific name: Centella asiatica L.
☉ PCHRD Library: 10 Medicinal Plants