Gurney’s Catalog…

Got my Gurney’s catalog in the mail today.
Get yours here:

Aperture 3 Released + Work + Nanay Going to Get Dressed…

  • 8:38am (Reposted from @rustyjaw) Aperture 3!!! #
  • 12:17pm Sometimes I find myself imitating various sounds around the office, like a telephone ringing, a Mac restarting and my stomach growling… #
  • 10:14pm I need to get contact solution so I asked my Mom if she needed to get anything from Walmart… Her response was "I’m going to get dressed." #

Are (Rusty) Cans Safe to Grow Edible Plants In?…

I saw a few of these cans near our storage in our backyard and I like how they look, rusted and all… My Mom has used these as a planter and dustpan.

I was wondering is it safe to use these as planters to grow vegetables? I didn’t know if the rust is bad/unsafe for vegetables and/or other edible plants.

Rusty Wafer Sticks Can