Are (Rusty) Cans Safe to Grow Edible Plants In?…

I saw a few of these cans near our storage in our backyard and I like how they look, rusted and all… My Mom has used these as a planter and dustpan.

I was wondering is it safe to use these as planters to grow vegetables? I didn’t know if the rust is bad/unsafe for vegetables and/or other edible plants.

Rusty Wafer Sticks Can

  • That’s a good question. I don’t know, but it is certainly something you’d want to be sure of before using them.

    • Exactly :) Hopefully, I’ll get a definite answer soon… I want to do some planting :)

  • When in doubt, use them for coleus!

  • hmmm i agree, not sure…but some beautiful coleus would be perfect in that!

    • It’s funny that no one seem to be sure… (just like me)

  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing no!

    Rust is just iron and oxygen, right? Both of those things are not too bad for plants, in moderation. They’re only considered toxic because of their association with tetanus, I believe. But tetanus is only a problem if you’re shooting up the rust. Just don’t cut yourself. Back to lurking!

    • Re: I’m guessing no!

      Thanks for stopping by and offering your advice… which makes sense… I didn’t even think about tetanus, but I’m not too worried about that…