Garden Related Tweets…

  • 1:56am My praying mantis Clingie laid her fourth ootheca (egg sack)!!! #

    Clingie and Her Fourth Ootheca (Egg Sack)

  • 4:27pm @AnniesAnnuals is having a SALE in honor of our native yellow-bellied groundhog! use GROUNDHOG15 code for 15% off everything til midnight! #
  • 9:16pm Got my Territorial Seed Company catalog in the mail… So much veggie and flower seeds!!! :) #

It was a Geeky Day…

  • 11:07am I learned a new definition today for:
    DIP – (n) a naive, foolish, or obnoxious person. #
  • 12:48pm Learned a new word:
    Troglodyte: A member of a supposed prehistoric race that lived in caves or holes; caveman. > Guess what I was watching? #
  • 4:06pm Looking for a TweetDeck-like website (not app) to view multiple Twitter feeds on one page…
    Evaluating: Tweet3, Splitweet and TwitHive… #
  • 6:58pm Twitter Guide: How To Do Interesting Things With Twitter > #
  • 7:01pm Didn’t know you can add a dot (.) anywhere in the username of a Gmail address (i.e. = > #
  • 11:00pm Splitweet wins!… My new multi-Twitter account manager. > plus their mascot reminds me of iloveegg #