Happy 98th Birthday Lola!!!

  • 1:37am Today is my Lola’s (Grandma’s) 98th birthday!!!… Everyone wish her a very happy birthday…
  • 3:15pm Celebrating my Grandma’s 98th birthday at Empire Buffet#
  • 11:51pm Wow… I got a break from washing the dishes… My nephew washed the all the dishes after dinner… Wow… #
  • 1:37am Paying bills online for my Mom… I feel like a bank teller#

Tweets From the Garden…

  • 1:39pm Plum (near storage) is getting close to opening its flower buds #
  • 2:06pm Yellow Jasmine and Yellox Oxalis have started blooming in our back yard. #
  • 2:11pm I took my stone fruit scions (peach, plum, nectarine, cherry, etc.) out of the refridgerator to come out of "winter" mode… #
  • 3:01pm Just received some seed swaps in the mail:
    Emerald Giant Pepper,
    Black from Tula Tomato and
    Golden Marconi Pepper. #

Shopping + Nanay and Tatay’s Anniversary…

  • 4:25pm is Costcoing…. #
  • 4:40pm If my Dad was still alive, today would be my Mom and Dad’s 55th anniversary… #
  • 6:09pm is Island Pacificing… #

First Seed Swap for 2010…

Just received some seed swaps in the mail:

Emerald Giant Pepper: Folia stash | Folia wiki

Black from Tula Tomato: Folia stash | Folia wiki

Golden Marconi Pepper: Folia stash | Folia wiki

Flowers in Bloom + Pee-wee’s iPad + Sandwich + Checking Fruit Trees

  • 10:19am Tulips, Sweet Peas and Daffodils are now blooming in our front yard :) #
  • 11:12am “Pee-wee Gets An iPad!” j.mp/bAKxDO :: How did Pee-wee get an iPad so fast? #
  • 1:48pm Sandwich, you are good!!! (Ham & Cheese Baguette from Battery Street Coffee Roastery) #
  • 6:26pm A friend posted a photo of cherry blossoms (actually ornamental plums). I have to check if ours is budding so I can start grafting… #

Unknown Volunteer

We have a few of these plants volunteering in our garden. This one is growing in between some of my Bromeliads. I don’t know what they are or were they came from, although, I think the bird may have brought the seeds into our garden when they go poop.

Anyone know what these plants are?

There are growing in the Northern San Francisco Bay Area. Zone 9A.

Unknown Volunteer

Kabocha Squash + Vegetable Dish…

My Mom was going to cook Pinakbet with the Kabocha Squash we harvested from our garden…

Kabocha Squash Harvest

…but we didn’t have Bitter Melon and Bagoong. It was still a really good vegetable dish.

Vegetable Dish (Landscape)

I don’t know if I liked the portrait or landscape version of this photo. Which one do you like better?

Vegetable Dish (Portrait)

Annie’s Annuals & Perennials + Botanical Interests…

A local nursery in our area. They have great plants. Request your Annie’s Annuals & Perennial 2010 Catalog here.

I love their seed packet artwork… Request your Botanical Interests 2010 Seed Catalog here.

While your at it, follow them on Twitter: @AnniesAnnuals and @BotanicalSeeds

…or check our their websites: Annie’s Annuals & Perennials and Botanical Interest