Basketball Jones + Hail…

  • 9:02am Starting “Basketball Jones” by E. Lynn Harris… #
  • 7:00pm Dang! I’m being attacked by hail… #

Wish List: Five Spot – Nemophila maculata

five spot - Nemophila maculata
I saw this on a friend’s Flickr:

Then noticed Annie Annuals sells them:
so next time I’m there, I’ll see if they have it…

But if anyone has seed and would like to swap, contact me…
It’s fun to grow from seeds :)

January Flowers in Bloom…

New Year Bloom

I saw this tree blooming on 4th Street in Berkeley, CA. I’m not sure what kind it is… but it looked striking along the pale yellow wall.
Lavender Star Flower, Grewia occidentalis (Family: Malvaceae)


One of my Mom’s Cymbidium Orchid that is now in bloom outside.
Cymbidium sp. (Family: Orchidaceae)