Mid January 2011 Blooms…

Folia, a garden organization website, started giving badges for different accomplishments. One is a Bloom Day Badge which they give out monthly (on the 15th) when you post a blooming milestone with a photo in your Folia gardening journal… so I thought I would participate and also make Mid-month Blooms blog entry a regular feature on my blog.

I know it’s a month late, but here are all the plants that were in bloom last month.

Borage Folia

Cymbidium Orchid
Cymbidium Folia

You can also view the photos in the Flickr photoset “Mid Jan 2011 Blooms“.

A Whole Bunch of Gardening Going On…

12:45pm I’ll be planting alot soon and almost out of blank plant labels, so I’m erasing (they were written with pencil) used ones to be reused… #

4:06pm Tulips and my Mom’s Azaleas are blooming the the back yard… #

4:19pm Borage, Osteospermum and Snapdragon are blooming… #

4:28pm Comice Pear graft, Asian Pear near sink and Persimmons are starting to open its buds… European Plum near veggie bed is starting to bloom… #

4:31pm Envy, Fruit Smoothie and (Seeds from 2005) Zinnias are sprouting… #<

5:39pm Sowing 3 types of Tomatoes: Black from Tula, Beefsteak and Rutger-Select… #

5:43pm Sowing various Peppers: Emerald Giant, Golden Marconi, Red Bell, Carmagnila Rossa (G3), Sweet Mini Red, Sweet Mini Orange and Thai Dragon… #

5:49pm Sowed other Nighshades: Easter Eggplant, African Orange Eggplant, Congo Trinidad Pepper, Datura Golden Queen and Datura Purple Queen#

5:54pm Almost forgot to sow the Scarlet Chinese Eggplant (G2) seeds… #

6:36pm My Mom is top dressing her hanging tuberous Begonia with compost… They are starting to sprout… #

6:46pm Sowed some flowers in cell-packs outside: Tithonia Torch, Moonflower, Cleome Rose Queen and Cleome Four Queen#

6:46pm Sowed even more flowers in cell-packs outside: Orange Butterfly Flower, Blue Flax, Statice Rainbow Mix and Coreopsis Plains Bicolor#

6:47pm Sowed Strawflower Dwarf Mixed Colors in milk carton container… #

6:50pm Sowed 4 veggies into cell-packs outside: Misome, Miike Purple Giant Mustard, Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce and Broccoli Raab#

6:51pm Kiwis, Figs and Pomegranates are starting to leaf out… #

6:54pm It’s been a busy day in the garden and it’s now dark… I would stay out longer to sow more seeds, but the mosquitos are annoying me!… #

10:35pm I noticed that the Sugar Cane now has a second sprout. The first one is about 3 inches now… #


7:27am Sparaxis are starting to bloom in the front garden… #

Nanay’s African Violets + My Unknown Birthday Orchid Blooming…

  • 7:00pm Last night, my Mom was really happy to show me one of her African Violets finally blooming. Ruffled white flowers with purple in the middle. #
  • 7:16pm My unknown Orchid that I got for my birthday is starting to rebloom. I’ll have to take a photo and post it so someone can ID it… #

Gardens are a Form of Autobiography + Centella asiatica + Wild Radish + Peach Left Curl Question

  • 2:47am Wish List: Takip Kuhol (Centella asiatica) j.mp/9bRsYf #
  • 9:08am Gardens are a form of autobiography. ~Sydney Eddison #
  • 11:26am It [my garden] would say I’m a packrat and I will try to take care of any plants I can find… (but I love it!) j.mp/chsCtM #
  • 11:39am This morning, I saw white/pink Wild Radish flowers in bloom along the freeway near Solano Fairgrounds… #
  • 6:47pm Anyone know an organic method to get rid of Peach Leaf Curl?
    We have been manually picking the affected leaves off… j.mp/bOCwJN #

    Peach Leaf Curl Disease   Leaf Curl Removal

Flowers in Bloom + Pee-wee’s iPad + Sandwich + Checking Fruit Trees

  • 10:19am Tulips, Sweet Peas and Daffodils are now blooming in our front yard :) #
  • 11:12am “Pee-wee Gets An iPad!” j.mp/bAKxDO :: How did Pee-wee get an iPad so fast? #
  • 1:48pm Sandwich, you are good!!! (Ham & Cheese Baguette from Battery Street Coffee Roastery) #
  • 6:26pm A friend posted a photo of cherry blossoms (actually ornamental plums). I have to check if ours is budding so I can start grafting… #

January Flowers in Bloom…

New Year Bloom

I saw this tree blooming on 4th Street in Berkeley, CA. I’m not sure what kind it is… but it looked striking along the pale yellow wall.
Lavender Star Flower, Grewia occidentalis (Family: Malvaceae)


One of my Mom’s Cymbidium Orchid that is now in bloom outside.
Cymbidium sp. (Family: Orchidaceae)

Cymbidium Blooms…

My Mom was excited that her Cream/White Cymbidium Orchid just started to bloom. I don’t believe they bloomed last year.

These are kept outside in our back patio.

Cymbidium Blooms

Cymbidium (Family: Orchidaceae)