New African Violet Baby + First Coleus Pots…

I finally see a sprout emerging from the African Violet (Variegated) Folia cutting I planted on May 13 (about 29 days ago).

Variegated African Violet Baby

When I got home from work, I made three Coleus Pots:

Coleus Pot #1: Colorblaze Dark Star, Gay’s Delight and Unknown from Sloat (Yellow Scalloped).

Coleus Pot #2: Unknown from Sloat (Red Autumn-like), Wizard Jade, Wizard Coral Sunrise and Wizard Scarlet? (Red Yellow-edge).

Coleus Pot #3: Radical Wonder, Colorblaze Royal Glissade and Rudy Jewels.

June 10 Gardening…

Planted another African Violet leaf cutting. This one has solid dark pink flowers.

My Huayna-Picchu Masdevallia Orchid bloomed for the first time last night. When I saw it, an insect was pirched on its top petal…

I still don’t know where to plant my French Terragon (Artemisa dracunculus ‘Sativa’) that’s in a 2″ pot, so I potted it up to a 4″ pot.

I planted four Lemon Cucumbers (into 3 squares) in Veggie Bed #2.

Planted a container with Agrostemma githago ‘Ocean Pearls’ Folia, Layia platyglossa ‘Tidy Tips’ Folia and Pesto Perpetuo Basil Folia.

African Violet Cutting has Rooted…

4:14pm One of my African Violet cuttings that I planted a month ago has rooted. I can’t wait to see little plantlets emerge.

New African Violet Roots

Planting Hosta & Pineapple Seeds + Blooming African Violet…

8:04pm Sowed some Hosta ‘Minuteman’ and Pineapple seeds in water bottle pots #

Hosta 'Minuteman' and Pineapple

8:10pm One of my African Violets is done blooming (It’s been continuously blooming since Feb ’09)… Another one is now starting to bloom for the first time #

New African Violet Flowers

Dusting African Violet Leaves…

  • 7:31pm I have to do this:
    (Reposted from @PAllenSmith) Remove dust from African violet leaves with a soft brush such as a baby brush or paint brush. #

Nanay’s African Violets + My Unknown Birthday Orchid Blooming…

  • 7:00pm Last night, my Mom was really happy to show me one of her African Violets finally blooming. Ruffled white flowers with purple in the middle. #
  • 7:16pm My unknown Orchid that I got for my birthday is starting to rebloom. I’ll have to take a photo and post it so someone can ID it… #

New African Violet Flower Buds…

The African Violet that a coworker gave me is starting to produce new flower buds. Heidi was right, this seems to be a hardy African Violet.

New African Violet Flower Buds.

Saintpaulia (Family: Gesneriaceae)