Gardens are a Form of Autobiography + Centella asiatica + Wild Radish + Peach Left Curl Question

  • 2:47am Wish List: Takip Kuhol (Centella asiatica) #
  • 9:08am Gardens are a form of autobiography. ~Sydney Eddison #
  • 11:26am It [my garden] would say I’m a packrat and I will try to take care of any plants I can find… (but I love it!) #
  • 11:39am This morning, I saw white/pink Wild Radish flowers in bloom along the freeway near Solano Fairgrounds… #
  • 6:47pm Anyone know an organic method to get rid of Peach Leaf Curl?
    We have been manually picking the affected leaves off… #

    Peach Leaf Curl Disease   Leaf Curl Removal