7:27am Sparaxis are starting to bloom in the front garden… #

Saturday Plant Sale…

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Early this morning I went to the San Francisco Botanical Garden Plant Sale with my friend Howard. I purchased a Sempervivum and a type of Crassula. I’ll have to check on the names later.

I also snapped some photos, but left my camera at Howard’s condo… ARGH!… I feel weird without my camera… It’s funny how it’s become a part of me.

When I got home, I noticed that there are about 5 tiny specks of green in my Lithops container. YEAY!!!… Little baby Lithops being born, 3 days after sowing.

I also noticed one of the 12 Japanese Long Purple Eggplants sprouting. It’s been 13 days since I sowed this, so maybe the seeds are not viable… (Pause)… I just checked the seed packet and it was packed for 2003, so they are probably old… I’ll have to plant more of the newer seeds. (I don’t know why I didn’t do this in the first place?)

Garden progress:

Recent blooms: Peaches, Sparaxis Tricolor, Tulip

About to bloom: Italian Plums, Persimmons

Not doing well: some Carnation cuttings, Orange Grafted Cactus

Home Depot Gift Card + Whole Lotta Bulbs

When my brother got home this evening, he gave me a birthday card with a Home Depot Gift Card :) Thank you Kuya Rene!!!

Whole Lotta Bulbs

He also bought a whole lotta bulbs from the clearance bins for 2 cents per pack. Total cost = 76 cents.

11 x (18) Sparaxis tricolor
4 x (8) Daffodils Mixed Colors
8 x (8) Daffodils ‘Fortune’
4 x (20) Muscari armeniacum
7 x (8) Daffodils ‘King Alfred type’
2 x (10) Daffodils Miniature Mixed Colors
1 x (75) Muscari armeniacum
1 x (75) Yellow Crocus

I wonder where we are gonna plant all this?