Saturday Plant Sale…

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Early this morning I went to the San Francisco Botanical Garden Plant Sale with my friend Howard. I purchased a Sempervivum and a type of Crassula. I’ll have to check on the names later.

I also snapped some photos, but left my camera at Howard’s condo… ARGH!… I feel weird without my camera… It’s funny how it’s become a part of me.

When I got home, I noticed that there are about 5 tiny specks of green in my Lithops container. YEAY!!!… Little baby Lithops being born, 3 days after sowing.

I also noticed one of the 12 Japanese Long Purple Eggplants sprouting. It’s been 13 days since I sowed this, so maybe the seeds are not viable… (Pause)… I just checked the seed packet and it was packed for 2003, so they are probably old… I’ll have to plant more of the newer seeds. (I don’t know why I didn’t do this in the first place?)

Garden progress:

Recent blooms: Peaches, Sparaxis Tricolor, Tulip

About to bloom: Italian Plums, Persimmons

Not doing well: some Carnation cuttings, Orange Grafted Cactus

  • I am so envious of you going to the S.F. Botanical Gardens plant sale. I love that place so much.

    I got a few crassula last winter at the U.C. Santa Cruz Botanical Gardens sale. I over winter them inside in our awful climate.

    • Yeah… I like going there every now and then, since it’s not that far… I tried to restrain myself from buying too much plants since we have limited space…

      My Crassula collection is growing… (actually, my whole succulent collection is)… How did you transport your plants?

      • Succulents are so fun.Some are hardy here, but most I plant in Window Box planters that I can take inside during our long brutal winters.

        I have taken the train the last two times I went to the West Coast, so I really hadan easy time transporting them, as on the train when you get a sleeper room, you have all of your luggage available to you. I just put each potted plant in a seperate plastic bag and then they go into a carry on bag. I get them out and let them sit in the window of my room as we steam across the country toward home.

        • Oh how nice!… I’ve never taken a train, but it seem like a fun and fascinating way to travel, especially since you see some places that cars can’t reach….

  • lithops seedlings

    I am experiencing utter plant propagation envy!

    I don’t dare try to propagate lithops, though, as I am barely keeping my adult plant alive.

    • Re: lithops seedlings

      Well… I’m experiencing utter plant propagation overload!… hehe… it’s a lot of work, but fun nonetheless…

      I was never able to keep Lithops alive until I got the ones last year. I just planted it in a bigger container (than what it came in)… tried to keep it dry… and let it experience our Bay Area climate under our semi-covered patio…

      Now it seems to be doing well… They can be pricey if you buy a lot, so I figured I’ll try to grow them… Wish me luck :)