March 6, 2013 Gardening…

Everyday when I go out in the garden, I check the seeds that I’ve sown to see if anything new have sprouted. As I was walking by, I noticed that the soil in the two trays with the Wildflower and Flower Garden Mix was uneven. I think the birds have been using this as a bird feeder! Argh!… I’ll probably have to sow more seeds and put these trays into a dome or in the patio.

Carrot (Blend of Color Mix) Sown

After harvesting some carrots yesterday, I was excited to sow more seeds. I planted a square 3″ cell pack with Blend of Colors Carrot Mix. I’ll have to search online to see if I can get just purple Carrots.

Homemade Cactus Mix

I was running out of Cactus Mix, so I mixed up some using 4 parts regular potting soil, 1 part play sand and 1 part perlite.

Lithops lesliei Albinica Sown

I used this mix to sow Lithops lesliei ‘Albinica’ seeds into a 3″ pot. I can’t wait for these to grow.


I’ve been watching the fruit trees to see what fruit tree is about to open it’s bud so I can start grafting onto it. So far the Asian Plums have bloom and the flowers are starting to fade. It looks like it’s been snowing.

Stark Saturn Peach in Bloom

The Cherry and the Peach trees look like they will open within a week. The Stark Saturn Peach graft has already bloomed ahead of it’s host Elberta Peach.

Thai Basil

After heading back inside when it got too dark to garden, I plucked the leaves off a bunch of Thai Basil I bought at the Asian Grocery… and saved a few cuttings to hopefully root. I’ll make a Basil Eggplant dish with the leaves tomorrow.

Lithops Progress (May 16, 2012)

Can you spot which individual Lithops has set new leaves since the previous photo taken April 9, 2012?

Lithops (April 9, 2012):Lithops Progress (May 16, 2012)

Lithops (April 9, 2012):Lithops Potted Up

Lithops Potted Up…

The Lithops that I grew from seeds are getting bigger and I potted them up into a larger pot with some stones mulch. I’m not sure if I like the stones or should change it to white.

Lithops Potted Up

Here is how they looked before repotting:


I also repotted some succulent leaves that have grown into baby plants and a Echeveria from the care home that a friend worked at in San Jose.

Succulents Potted Up

Lithops Sown + Lysimachia Flowering…

I found a packet of 100+ Lithops seeds and I don’t remember where or when I purchased these, but it must have been between 2008-2009.

I planted all the seeds and there must have been 200+. Hopefully, they’ll grow. I haven’t been successful growing Lithops to maturity.

[Photo to come]

Lysimachia Variegata is starting to flower…

Lithops, Tomato, Eggplant and Pepper Seedlings

Six day old Lithops seedlings:

Lithops Seedlings (6 Days Old)   Lithops Seedlings (6 Days Old)

2+ week old Tomatoes, Peppers and Eggplant seedlings:

More Nightshade Seedlings (2 Weeks Old)   Tomato Seedlings (2 Weeks + 2 Days Old)

Saturday Plant Sale…

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Early this morning I went to the San Francisco Botanical Garden Plant Sale with my friend Howard. I purchased a Sempervivum and a type of Crassula. I’ll have to check on the names later.

I also snapped some photos, but left my camera at Howard’s condo… ARGH!… I feel weird without my camera… It’s funny how it’s become a part of me.

When I got home, I noticed that there are about 5 tiny specks of green in my Lithops container. YEAY!!!… Little baby Lithops being born, 3 days after sowing.

I also noticed one of the 12 Japanese Long Purple Eggplants sprouting. It’s been 13 days since I sowed this, so maybe the seeds are not viable… (Pause)… I just checked the seed packet and it was packed for 2003, so they are probably old… I’ll have to plant more of the newer seeds. (I don’t know why I didn’t do this in the first place?)

Garden progress:

Recent blooms: Peaches, Sparaxis Tricolor, Tulip

About to bloom: Italian Plums, Persimmons

Not doing well: some Carnation cuttings, Orange Grafted Cactus

Sown Lithops Seeds + Peanut Progress

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

This evening I finally planted the 100 Lithops seeds that I got from eBay.

Lithops Seeds (and Grains of Sand)

Don’t let the size of these seeds fool you… They are tiny! For comparison, I placed grains of sand which are the larger pieces in the center of the photo.

Sown Lithops Seeds
I drilled holes on the bottom of a plastic storage container (4.5 x 7 inches), then filled it with strained potting soil mixed with crushed perlite and sand.

To make sowing the tiny Lithops seeds easier, I mixed the seeds with sand then sprinkled the mixture on top of the soil. I hope these all grow.

Peanut Progress (12 Days Old)
I also transplanted the Peanuts that I just planted 12 days ago into a larger container. They have grown very quickly and I don’t think I’ll have room for them in my room. I’m hardening them off by placing them on my window sill until I bring them outside and plant them in an even larger container.

Worm Poop Tea + Lithops

A few weeks ago, my coworker Purr was telling me that she wanted to get some vermicompost (composted worm poop).

Last night, I decided to really read the label of an eco-friendly plant food called Terracycle, that I bought about a month ago. To my surprise, it is made of vermicomposted organic matter. In other word it’s like Worm Poop Tea that you spray on the plant’s foliage or water it into the soil. One thing that attracted me to this product is that they reuse old soda bottles. That’s why some look like Coke bottles and others Pepsi or Aquafina.

PErracycle Plant Food   Lithops

I decided to surprise Purr and get her a bottle to try. As I was looking for it, I saw some Lithops, which were some succulents that I’ve always wanted, so I bought two 2-inch pots. Hmm, maybe this is a start of another collection.