Lithops Potted Up…

The Lithops that I grew from seeds are getting bigger and I potted them up into a larger pot with some stones mulch. I’m not sure if I like the stones or should change it to white.

Lithops Potted Up

Here is how they looked before repotting:


I also repotted some succulent leaves that have grown into baby plants and a Echeveria from the care home that a friend worked at in San Jose.

Succulents Potted Up

  • Hi Joey, I think the Lithops look great with the stones.  The plants, stones and pot look like a work of art, very beautifully arranged and composed.  In a way, it looks like a complete mess (Lol), but in another way, it looks like a perfectly balanced chaos, full of mystery and intrigue.  I’m definitely going to try this when my Lithops grow bigger.  I’ve also seen some people use beach-washed tumbled coloured glass and sea shells in their display pots, and it looks really nice too – it gives it a different dimension, if you know what I mean.  Anyway, I think your blog is really cool! :-)