More Orchid Shows…

For you (local Bay Area) Orchids lovers who missed San Francisco Orchid Society’s Pacific Orchid Expo… or just want to go to more Orchid shows and sales, there will be a numerous more more this month.

The Penninsula Orchid Society has a page with various Upcoming Events.

Seed Organization + Sowing Nightshades at Night

Last night… I organized my seed packets and collect seeds from some dried seed pods. Here are the remains of the cracked Porcupine Tomato seedpods.

Dried Porcupine Tomatoes

This afternoon… As I was taking a break from work, I was being teased by some Passion Fruits. I wanted so much to pick one from the vine, but it was about 10 foot off the ground…

Earlier this evening… When I got home from work, I was surprised by a yellow flower from the Elkhorn Plant that I purchased just a few days ago. Here it is wide open, but the flower closes back at night.

Crabby's Flower

Before going to bed… I sowed 4 more members of the Nighshade family:

Sweet 100 Tomato
Solanum pyracanthum (Porcupine Tomato)
Orange Ornamental Pepper from Virginia
Scarlet Chinese Eggplant