More Found Plants + More Sowing

Found Succulents and Asparagus Fern Seeds
I collected a few cutting along my way to work this morning. I got a sprig of Fairy Crassula (Crassula multicava) and an unusual relative of the Ice Plant (Oscularia deltoides). I also found some Aspargus Fern seeds (Asparagus densiflorus ‘Meyersii’).

Potted Succulents   Potted Succulents

Once I got home, I planted these as well as the three other succulents that I found last Saturday.

I sowed a few more seeds:

Red Pear Tomato from penguingardener
Wonder Light Tomato (Lemon-like Yellow Heirloom Tomato) also from penguingardener (Thank you, Thank you!!)

Red Texas Star Hibiscus from gypsy_soul
Pink Flowering Maple (Abutilon) also from gypsy_soul (Thank you, Thank you!!)

A few more seed just started to sprout:

Orange Ornamental Peppers from Virginia (sown 3/1, 7 days)
Calendula ‘Pacific Beauty’ (sown 2/20, 16 days)

Sown Lithops Seeds + Peanut Progress

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

This evening I finally planted the 100 Lithops seeds that I got from eBay.

Lithops Seeds (and Grains of Sand)

Don’t let the size of these seeds fool you… They are tiny! For comparison, I placed grains of sand which are the larger pieces in the center of the photo.

Sown Lithops Seeds
I drilled holes on the bottom of a plastic storage container (4.5 x 7 inches), then filled it with strained potting soil mixed with crushed perlite and sand.

To make sowing the tiny Lithops seeds easier, I mixed the seeds with sand then sprinkled the mixture on top of the soil. I hope these all grow.

Peanut Progress (12 Days Old)
I also transplanted the Peanuts that I just planted 12 days ago into a larger container. They have grown very quickly and I don’t think I’ll have room for them in my room. I’m hardening them off by placing them on my window sill until I bring them outside and plant them in an even larger container.