Flickr Update: Collections + Layouts

This entry is mainly for those of you who use Flickr.

Flickr has updated their site with a new feature called Collections. These are basically containers where you can put sets and or other collections. Think of it like folders for albums.

I just tested it out and created a new Collection of Gardening Events and Field Trips that I have gone to.

They also updated layouts of your first page, so you have the choice of small or medium (thumbnail) images. You can also have a side bar of our sets, collections or just fill the first page with images (no sidebar).

Guinea Pig Waste?

My nephew has two Guinea Pigs and I noticed they poop a lot. I got to wondering if I can use their droppings for compost and fertilizer? (Kinda like how you would use rabbit droppings.)

Also, if the Guinea Pig poop is okay for compost/fertilizer, can use also compost their soiled bedding (paper pulp pieces, urine and poop)?… or is this not advisable?

Also posted in the compost_wackos community.