Guinea Pig Waste?

My nephew has two Guinea Pigs and I noticed they poop a lot. I got to wondering if I can use their droppings for compost and fertilizer? (Kinda like how you would use rabbit droppings.)

Also, if the Guinea Pig poop is okay for compost/fertilizer, can use also compost their soiled bedding (paper pulp pieces, urine and poop)?… or is this not advisable?

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  • I can’t imagine there would be anything wrong with it, but you might want to segregate that compost for use on ornamentals to be on the safe side.

    (As I contemplate the output of our German Shepherd I can only sigh for all that lost NPK.)

    • I think the poopies will be safe, but I’ll make sure to compost it well.

  • I have two Guinea Pigs, and as they are herbivores and only eat hay and vegetables, I really think that they would make great compost, like cows or horses. I use a lot of horse manure as where I work, they also have horses.

    • My nephew got another one and now also has two. I asked him to save the poops… (that sounds funny)

  • I would liken guinea pig poop to chicken poop, and I know of a woman how puts her chicken poop in a vermicomposter. With worm castings, I would imagine quite usable in the garden.

    Would you consider vermicomposting?

    • I would like to do it, but I’m afraid I may not have enough time to maintain them properly… and I don’t want to kill the poor things… I actually have a lot of worms in my vegetable beds, so I’m happy with that :)

  • I think I read that the urine is not advisable (in terms of rabbits and their newspaper–I had a bunny once and was thinking of doing the same) because overtime the ammonia builds up and it might not be good for the dirt, maybe?

    that has a little bit of information, it’s more, uh, scientific?

    guinea pig dropping info

    • Thank you for the great information!!!… I’ll keep researching, but I think I will put off the urine/bedding for now; maybe using some occasionally.