Kabocha Squash + Vegetable Dish…

My Mom was going to cook Pinakbet with the Kabocha Squash we harvested from our garden…

Kabocha Squash Harvest

…but we didn’t have Bitter Melon and Bagoong. It was still a really good vegetable dish.

Vegetable Dish (Landscape)

I don’t know if I liked the portrait or landscape version of this photo. Which one do you like better?

Vegetable Dish (Portrait)

  • I’ve looked at bitter melon in our local Asian supermarket but have no idea what to do with it.

    • I was trying to figure out what vegetable would be an English equivalent to Bitter Melon… I was gonna say a Cucumber, but it would have to be a bitter Cucumber; a really bitter Cucumber… hehe… It’s an acquired taste, since it is bitter…

      Sometimes you can boil it a bit and drain the boiled water to make it less bitter…

      Here’s how the dish looks with the Bitter Melon:
      Pinakbet on Flickr http://j.mp/bcQTmB

  • I think the landscape highlights the dish while still giving some context.

    Bitter melon…shudder…you must grow up with it I fear to like it.

    • Thanks for your orientation opinion… Sometimes it’s difficult for me to decide which to use.

      Yeah, maybe you have to have grown up with it, like I did… or be adventurous :)