My New Orchid + Seedpods + Seed

My friend Darwin and I bought this Orchid this weekend for under $20. I spilt it into two and kept half for myself.

My New Unknown Orchid

I’m not sure what cultivar it is. Anyone know?

The Amaryllis seedpod that I’ve been watching has started to pop open, so I collected the seeds, which I will plant as lblanchard did.

Amaryllis Seed Pod

Speaking of seeds… I found this seed in a parking lot near my work. At first I thought it was just a coffee bean, but it had a skin (similar to a peanut skin) that came off. I’m not really sure what it is, but I planted it to see if it grows.

Found Seed

Peppers + Succulents

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Before I left for work, I did something really stupid… I picked up the mini-greenhouse with the Columbine seeds by the plastic cover… and the bottom part fell off. Vermiculite and Columbine seeds was scattered all over. I tried to scoop all that I can, but they are now all mixed up. Luckily, this wasn’t the mini-greenhouse with the seeds that lblanchard gave me. Those are all fine.

After work, I gave the Tri-Color Variegata Pepper that I dug up last year and overwintered some TLC. It has started to grow more leaves and a few flowers. I left all the peppers on the plant when I dug it up and they dried up. Some apparently dispersed some seeds, because there was baby Pepper plants at the Mom’s base. I dug these up and potted them up.

Tri-Color Variegata Pepper   Tri-Color Variegata Pepper Seedlings

I also trimmed the dead branches and collected the dried peppers. If any of you want some, drop me a line and I can send you some.

I repotted two of the ornamental grasses (Carex sp. + Blue Fescue ) ( photo ) that I grew from seeds into one-gallon containers.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

My Mom has been telling me that the 99ยข grafted Cactus that I bought on Saturday has, been in full bloom. Whenever I take a look all the flowers are closed. Today, I woke up late and I finally got to see the open flowers during daylight.

Blooming Grafted Cactus

My Euphorbia obesa ( photo ) and Pink Echevaria ( photo ) now have flower buds and should be flowering soon.

After work, I passed by Home Depot and found two succulent leaves ( photo ) on the floor, so I had to save them. I’m not quite sure want plants they are, but I’m going to see if they will grow.

More (Found) Ornamental Grass Seeds

I’m not sure what type of ornamental grass these are. Both were found at the shopping center on Mini Dr. & Sonoma Blvd. (Vallejo, CA)

Found Ornamental Grass Seeds   Found Ornamental Grass Seeds

The first one is possible some type of Fountain Grass?

The second has upright blades with these seeds sticking out mid-stem. Possibly a Rush?

[I spy a spider]

Variegata / Variegatus

After work, there was a lot of traffic on the freeway, so I exited and decided to see what they had at Yard Birds.

I found a Zebra Iris (Iris pallida ‘Variegata’) which I’ve wanted since I saw on a TV show. I’ve never seen one in person so I had to snag this one.

Zebra Iris

I also saw a Ornamental Grass (Acorus germineus ‘Variegatus’) which looked like a miniature Zebra Iris. It had a broken seed head so I had to save it.

Found Ornamental Grass Seeds

White Strawberries?

Hi Gardening Friends :) I have so much to post, but I’m so sleepy so I’m just going to share two photos of some Japanese Anemone seeds I found. Don’t they look like white strawberries?

Japanese Anemone seeds   Japanese Anemone seeds

These were found next to the KGO-TV building in San Francisco and were ready to be blown away. I’m planning to see if they will grow in the spring.

I’ll write more from work tomorrow.

4 Tid Bits…

For Christmas, one of my best friends, Michael, gave me Tulips in this cool little pot. The Tulips are emerging and now about 1 inch tall.

Sprouting Tulips

I found this near the area where I found the seedling from a few day ago. I think they are Pine Nuts. Can anyone confirm? I planted them and we’ll see if they grow.

Pine Nuts?

My co-worker’s Zygocactus is dropping its leaves. She was going to throw the broken pieces away, so I yelled “NO!!!”… and she gave it to me. Yet another propagation project.

Broken Zygocactus

After work, I passed by Target and saw these Terra Cotta Pots that I thought were cool. They are different than your standard Terra Cotta Pot. They measure 4 inch wide by 3.5 inch tall and cost 79 cents each. (3 cents more than all 600 bulbs my brother got yesterday)

Terra Cotta Pots

Baby Seedling…

As I was taking a break from work, I went to check if Mr. Dandelion was still under the tree on the sidewalk on The Embarcadero (San Francisco). I was surprised to see the seedling below. I’m not sure what it is, but it looks like a pine tree seedling.

Baby Seedling

Mr. Dandelion was gone, by the way.

I then thought, if the landscaper were to see it, they would just pull it out like a weed… so I pulled it up as carefully as I could, to plant in a pot. I kinda snapped the root, so I’m not sure if it’ll make it, but I guess we’ll see…

Found Christmas Kalanchoe + Wierdo Kiwi Fruits

As I was walking to carpool after work and saw some broken Christmas Kalanchoe plants. Knowing me, I searched for any leaves that were broken off. I was able to collect these, which I’ll try to propagate.

Found Christmas Kalanchoe (Kalanchoe blossfeldiana)
Found Christmas Kalanchoe

Once I got home, I took my Mom grocery shopping and we saw these weirdo Kiwi Fruits which we bought for a $1 (for 4).

Weirdo Kiwi Fruits
Weirdo Kiwi Fruits