Hippeastrum ‘Red Lion’ and Sunchokes planted…

I purchased three of these Hippeastrum ‘Red Lion’ Folia bulbs at a 50% after Christmas sale. They are starting to sprout, so I’ll plant them into a pot and let them grow outside in a protected location in our front patio.

Hippeastrum 'Red Lion' Bulbs

Hippeastrum 'Red Lion' Planted


I saw these tubers being sold at the Hayward Farmer’s Market. I thought they were Ginger, but they were labeled Sunchokes Folia. I didn’t know what Sunchokes were, but I knew I wanted to grow them… so I bought these three tubers.


I’ve been soaking these Sunchokes in water for more than a month now and they have sprouted roots.

Sunchoke Soaking

Before the Sunchoke tubers that I soaked in water gets too big, I potted them up in two pots and placed them outside, before I figure out where to eventually plant them.

Sunchokes Planted

Wish List: Hippeastrum ‘Evergreen’

Amaryllis EvergreenI was browsing Burpee’s website and saw a chartreuse-green Hippeastrum called Evergreen.
I’m putting this on my wish-list.

Here’s more info on Dave’s Garden.


12:40am Statice Rainbow Mix is sprouting… #

12:50am I can see leaves emerging from the three Hippeastrums bulbs that overwintered outside. #

12:55am Forgot to post about some new sproutings:
Sunday 3/14 Black from Tula and Rutger-Select Tomatoes;
Monday 3/15 Beefsteak Tomato #

1:00am New sproutings:
Tues 3/18 African Orange Eggplant;
Wed 3/17 Red Bell Pepper and Easter Eggplant #

1:02am I was checking the seedlings outside and noticed that the Whirligig Zinnia sprouts was gone. I think I may need to plant more of those… #

3:23pm (Reposted from @megzzz) The Oldest Trees on the Planet bit.ly/cmszlJ #

Hippeastrum ‘Apple Blossom’

Hippeastrum 'Apple Blossom'

First Hippeastrum (Amaryllis) bloom. I grow these outside, so they bloom much later than ones forced to bloom during Christmas time.

My New Orchid + Seedpods + Seed

My friend Darwin and I bought this Orchid this weekend for under $20. I spilt it into two and kept half for myself.

My New Unknown Orchid

I’m not sure what cultivar it is. Anyone know?

The Amaryllis seedpod that I’ve been watching has started to pop open, so I collected the seeds, which I will plant as lblanchard did.

Amaryllis Seed Pod

Speaking of seeds… I found this seed in a parking lot near my work. At first I thought it was just a coffee bean, but it had a skin (similar to a peanut skin) that came off. I’m not really sure what it is, but I planted it to see if it grows.

Found Seed

Nanay’s Amaryllis…

My Mom is so excited that her Amaryllis is finally blooming. Once it opened she told me to whip out my camera and take a photo of it! :)

Amaryllis Bloom   Amaryllis Bloom Closeup

The blossom spans about 7 inches wide and 8 inches heigh.

*Nanay means Mom or Mother in Tagalog.