Nanay’s Amaryllis…

My Mom is so excited that her Amaryllis is finally blooming. Once it opened she told me to whip out my camera and take a photo of it! :)

Amaryllis Bloom   Amaryllis Bloom Closeup

The blossom spans about 7 inches wide and 8 inches heigh.

*Nanay means Mom or Mother in Tagalog.

  • hers is especially beautiful.
    hopefully, it will go to seed and she can have more.

    • That’ll be nice… although we haven’t really collected seeds from much bulb plants…

  • Lovely! Wow what a big one. I love when those are in bloom here.

    • I was very surprised that it is in bloom… for some reason, I’m thinking it’s not the right time of year…

  • holy cow, gorgeous!

  • Wow…she should be excited. What a stunner!

    • Yup… she’s so surprised that it’s so big… :)