Planting Til The Sun Goes Down…

Once I got home, I hurried to plant some pots before it got too late. This is what I planted:

Coleus pot #13: (The orange pot) ‘Sedona’, ‘Rustic Orange’ and ‘Copper Splash’
Coleus pot #14: ‘Purple Oak’
Coleus pot #15: ‘Pineapple Prince’ and ‘Pineapple’
Coleus pot #16: ‘Alabama Sunset’
Coleus pot #17: ‘Amora’

and 2 more non-Coleus pots, but I’m spacing and can’t think of the combinations. I’ll check tommorrow…

  • I just bought ‘Sedona’ and am so in love with it. I love orange and copper plants and flowers.

    I still declare you the Coleus King!

    • Hehe… thanks :) If you love orange and copper plants and flowers, you should see my Sedona+Rustic Orange+Copper Splash once it’s grown… I’ll keep ya updated….