This Weekend…

Saturday, June 3, 2006

My Mom woke me up on Saturday morning so we can go to the Vallejo Pista sa Nayon–a Filipino Cultural Festival. Before we left I had to do a bit of gardening.

I checked the seeds that I sowed on Thursday and was surprised that some are sprouting. All of the Zinnias in fact… after only 2 days.

Zinnia Seedling

I also took 12 cuttings of the Lamium I bought last month and planted them in one of the 12-pack Mini Greenhouse. Once these grow a bit, I want to place them in various pots to act as fillers and spillers… I also potted the Jerusalem Sage that I snagged on Friday.

Lamium Cuttings   Jerusalem Sage Cuttings

We then went to Vallejo Pista sa Nayon. It was hot and although I had a baseball hat on, my neck was getting burned, so I bought a “Salakot” hat which made me look like I worked the rice fields. More Pista sa Nayon photos on Flickr.

The exciting part for me was seeing a booth that had a raffle. It’s not that raffles excite me, but one of the prizes was an orchid!… I ended up winning a religious book, but my Mom got the winning ticket for the orchid. This is what she won:


I’m not sure what the cultivar is… I’ll have to do some research.

Sunday, June 4, 2006

My best friend came down from Reno and we did a nursery tour. He’s starting his garden design business and wanted to get some plants for some of his clients… as well as visit his good friends down here.

We went to Annie’s Annuals and Perennials in Richmond and I bought 5 plants:

Blue Eyed Daisy

Blue Eyed Daisy

Bloody Dock / Bloodwort
Bloody Dock / Bloodwort

Blue Wheatgrass
Blue Wheatgrass

New Zealand Wind Grass
New Zealand Wind Grass

Artic Summer Verbascum
Artic Summer Verbascum LE

We also passed by the Berkeley Horticultural Nursery, and I just bought 1 plant.

Non-flowering Lawn Chamomile
Non-flowering Lawn Chamomile

Once I got home I noticed that the Amaranths, Chard, Coreopsis and Cucumbers are srouting

Edible Red Leaf Amaranth Seedlings
Edible Red Leaf Amaranth Seedlings

  • joey, the one of you in your new hat is priceless.

    • Hehe… that’s one of the rare photos with me in it… It didn’t make sense to just photograph the hat itself.

  • The hat photo is great! :)

    I think that orchid may be some sort of Oncidium. It has the flower characteristics.

  • Great hat photo, and you bought some of my favorite plants – the Verbascum, the bloody dock and maybe most of all the Anemanthele, the New Zealand Wind grass. Prepare for a big orange fountain! –

    (upper right corner? *g*)

    • Thanks greenshadows… maybe we have similar tastes :) Yours looks very pretty…

      I’m wondering how mine will grow because I have it crammed into a pot with several other plants…

  • Wow..sounds like a great day visiting nurseries with a great friend!

    I love verbascum.

    • Yes, it was nice to go to a nursery with someone who is knowledgeable and also loves plants…