It’s Still Dark/Daylight Outside…

6:47am It’s still dark outside#

2:56pm <subliminal message> You will buy an extra Lady Gaga concert ticket and invite me to go with you </subliminal message> #

6:52pm It’s 6:50pm… I got off work late and it’s still daylight outside!!! Whohoo!!! Let’s see if it’s still bright out once I reach home… #

Kuya Rene on Citizen Pinoy + 3:00:00am…

12:54am My Brother just saw himself on TV on the show Citizen Pinoy (taped last year at Yerba Buena Park, SF) #

3:04am One of the geekiest things I just did was to watch my laptop’s clock turn from 1:59:59 AM to 3:00:00 AM#