New Stuff for Friday…

Friday, I woke up late so I drove to work. I stayed late to make up some time and after I got off, I walked around to see if I could get some Knotweeds that I’ve been wanting. Call me weird, but I really like these weed a lot and and to grow them.


I found this large leaf Coleus which looks like a combination of a ‘Green Kong’ and ‘Schizophrenia’. I had to take a maintenance clipping of it.

Unknown Coleus 5/19/06

Once I got to Vallejo, I picked my Mom up and we went to the hospital to visit my niece who just gave birth to my new great niece Mahliyah Belle.

Once we got back home. I took my new cuttings and potted them up.

Knotweed Cuttings

I also potted up the Pineapple that is starting to sprout roots and took cutting of some of my other Coleus that either grew too leggy or were still rooting in water.

Potted Pineapple   Coleus Cuttings

Last week, we brought home some flowers from the Naic Town Fiesta. There were two Roses which I really liked and wondered if they would grow. I took cutting of them and just planted those in water. To my surprise, they are starting to sprout, so I went ahead and potted those cuttings and covered this up with a plastic bag.

Peach Rose Cuttings   Pink Edged Yellow Rose Cuttings

I didn’t even think these would sprout, so I’m pleasantly surprised. Hopefully, these will take root and give us the Roses on the next entry.

  • Wow! You are my HERO!! :) You have such a way with plants and cuttings. I’m sincerely in awe. I can see why you like Knotweed. I don’t think it grows around here that I’ve seen.

    • I just find propagating fascinating… There’s just something about growing something and taking care of it and then enjoying it’s beauty :)

  • Nice job! A really easy sure way to root rose cuttings is to put the cane cuttings in water with a cutting of willow – willow contains natural auxins which is a natural ‘rooting hormone’. This works for most cuttings, bit with roses you can get almost a 100% success rate with this method!

    • I saw that in a show… but I’m not sure where to get willow cuttings…