Vietnamese Coriander + Kangkong + Kalanchoe tubiflora…

I was shopping at 99 Ranch Market and found Rau Ram aka Vietnamese Coriander (Persicaria odorata) (bottom left photo) which I recognized as a Polygonum because of its stem & chevron on the leaf. I bought it, but didn’t intending to eat it, but to plant and add to my Polygonum collection.

Purchased Persicaria odorata Kalanchoe tubiflora in Bloom

I also bought some Kangkong aka Water Spinach (Ipomoea aquatica) to make Adobong Kang Kong and also try to plant/root the stems.

My Kalanchoe tubiflora (Chandelier Plant) (top right photo) grown from tiny plantlets 4 years ago is now blooming. I didn’t even know that these bloomed.

A Lot of Gardening Be Done…

I was pritty much out in the garden from about 1-9pm, with an exception of about an hour nap. I got caught up in a lot of gardening tasks.

I added more amendments to the veggie bed I’ve been working on. I have more than three quarters filled. The other quarter still has Chocolate Mint, some Columbines, and Hyacinth bulbs which I still have to dig up. I may just leave it like this for now. I added two more trellises and transplanted (more) Lemon Cucumbers, Sikkim Cucumbers and Smooth Beauty Luffas.

There’s a short Calamasi tree in the middle of the bed, which isn’t doing well. My Mom says that we have never gotten any Calamansi to grow well in the back, so she was open to pulling it out and planting it in a 5 gallon or bigger pot. I’m still not sure if I will pull it or not.

I planted two Pineapples that were rooting in water into small pots. I now have a total of three Pineapple plants.

I also potted some Thai Basil that was leftover from a Pho lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant. It really sprouted a lot of roots in water.

Thai Basil   Thai Basil Roots

I dead headed a lot of the flowers in front as well as collecting some Columbine seeds. Some of my Coleus are starting to bloom, so I removed the blooms so they can focus on growing more.

I also remembered that I bought two of those Message Bean thingies back in December and set them up following directions. After about an hour, I was so curious to see what kind of seeds they were, so dug them out. They were huge beans that I didn’t recognize. Instead of planting them in the little containers they came in I potted them up in drinking cups with potting soil.

Magic Sproutz Egg Plant and Secret Fortune   Message Beans

I potted up the Kalanchoe tubiflora that grew from leaflets ( photo ) I found into a terra cotta pot.

Potted Kalanchoe Tubiflora

I also transplanted two Pines that I grew from collected seeds into one gallon containers. These are my future Christmas trees. (see my next journal entry for photos)

My brother got a total of three pallets of damaged potting soil, mulch, etc. bags from Home Depot. Each pallet contains about 10 bags for a little over $5. I can’t remember how many pallets he said has gotten so far. He also go a garden gate on clearance from Target.

I Couldn’t Resist!

I couldn’t resist buying these Splitrock today. I’m not sure if it is Pleiospilos species possibly Pleiospilos Nelii. Can anyone confirm?


Below are baby Kalanchoe tubiflora grown from leaflets found on the garden floor of a large home improvement store back in February. I had to save them! They were so tiny when I found them… Now they are about half an inch tall.

Baby Kalanchoe