I Couldn’t Resist!

I couldn’t resist buying these Splitrock today. I’m not sure if it is Pleiospilos species possibly Pleiospilos Nelii. Can anyone confirm?


Below are baby Kalanchoe tubiflora grown from leaflets found on the garden floor of a large home improvement store back in February. I had to save them! They were so tiny when I found them… Now they are about half an inch tall.

Baby Kalanchoe

  • Are you sure

    yo’re not pregnant?

  • I find split rock so intriguing, but have never grown them. Please do keep us updated on their progress.

    I love that you saved the wee orphans. I do that as well. Last summer I saved a tiny trailing begonia orphan and it is now happy and robust in it’s wee pot.

    As I have said many time…you are an excellent photographer…my hat is off to you!

    • Thank you so much for you compliments :)

      The Splitrock is intriguing… It looks like a sculpture from a modern art museum. I’m looking online to find some lithops seeds. Once grown, I’ll probably place these together with the Splitrock. Hopefully they have the same growing conditions.

  • I absolutely love your growing collection. I’m amazed at the splitrock.

    • They are cool!… I’m looking to find some lithops seeds.

  • It’s amazing how easily Kalanchoe starts, isn’t it? :)

    • Yup… they start so readily, but I can’t seem to keep them for long. I think the winter kills them here in our area.