Blooming Japanese Giant + Forsythia Cuttings

Although it was not as warm today as yesterday, I took some of my plants outside to start hardening them off and get them under some natural light.

I noticed that one of the Coleus that I just received (Coleus ‘Japanese Giant’) is already starting to bloom. Something tells me that I’ll have to keep a watchful eye on this plant so it doesn’t flower until the end of the season.

Japanese Giant Already Blooming

I took cuttings from Forsythia branches that one of my coworker had, dipped the cuts in rooting hormone, and placed it in 50/50 potting soil & perlite. I then used clear drinking cups to act as mini greenhouses.

Forsythia Cuttings

Hopefully in a few year, I’ll have blooms like this.

  • Many of my coleus have been trying like heck to bloom in the past couple of weeks. I think it’s a response to day length. If so, they’ll probably knock it off in a few weeks.

    I think forsythia is one of those things that, in our climate, you can just stick a branch in the ground and stand back. In yours, the mini-greenhouse is probably a good idea.

    • I hope they knock it off!… well, until the fall… I did notice last year, that certain varieties have more of a tendency to bloom, especially Kong’s…

      It’s funny, I never knew of Forsythia until this winter. I notice my coworker’s branches were sprouting leave in addition to the flowers, so I just had to try to take cuttings. Even if they don’t grow big, I just enjoy trying to propagate new plants, especially from ones I find… (You know how that feels) :)

      • Forsythia get huge and occasionally need to be pruned severely to encourage profuse blooming again. You’ll have fun with it, I’m sure.

        You need to get to send you some seeds from her wisteria…

  • Once you have a big forsythia, you can just pin branches to the ground with a rock or whatever and they will root and you can cut them from the main plant and have new babies to plant all around the garden. I started with one plant and now have lots of them around my valley.

    • I wonder how big these will get. I really don’t know much about Forsythia. Like I told I just learned about them this winter. I may just keep them in potted. Do you know how long it take for them to bloom if they are grown from cuttings?

  • I would think they would take a couple of years to bloom, but I am not sure. You may have a new hybrid that blooms quickly. As for height mine at home and the ones at work, get 15 to 20 feet high, but you can prune them to any height you want. Again you may have cuttings from some type of dwarf forsythia, which I know nothing about. Please do keep us updated, as I am quite curious to see ow they do.

    • 15 to 20 feet?! Wow, that tall… I’m probably keep this in a pot. You should see the roots growing on it on my latest entry. It’s kinda weird :P