Ornamental Grass Seedlings

Ornamental Grasses growing in my bedroom.

left: Great Quaking (Briza maxima), right: Blue Fescue (Festuca ovina glauca)

Great Quaking   Blue Fescue

Carex species.

I collected the Carex seeds back in the Summer 2005 and they grew! I have to sow more for my friend who helped me collect them. Here are links to photos of the Carex seeds when I found them: photo 1, photo 2

  • I love both blue fescue and Quaking grass.

    Blue Fescue has so many uses in my garden. The Quaking grass makes an EXCELLENT dried decoration. I grew it few years ago and cut it, hung it upside down to dry and still have it here in my cabin. It looks lovely to this day.

    • After seeing your recent photo of your cabin, I’m so curious to see how it looks. It seems so big and lush!

      This is the first year that I’m trying ornamental grasses. I collected several seeds last year and I’m curious how well they will grow.