More Books + Video

Once I got home from work and MacWorld, I return my videos to the city library and borrowed more books:

– Jeff Cox’s 100 Greatest Garden Ideas by (duh?) Jeff Cox
– Who Named the Daisy? Who Named the Rose? by Mary Durant
– Apartment 3-A Mariposa St. by Fanny A. Garcia (a short book written in Tagalog)

I also got two more videos:

– Yardening: How to Grow & Nurture Seedling
– Yardening: How to Grow Cool-Weather Vegetables

Both in the Yardening series with Jeff Ball

  • “Who named the Daisy, Who named the Rose” sounds intriguing, Let me know if you liked it, if you could.

    I bought a book years ago when in California called “Golden Gate Gardening” by Pam Peirce. Have you read it? If not, you might want to look for it at the library.

    • I’m not sure if I saw “Golden Gate Gardening” in the library, I’ll check it out next time… and I’ll tell ya what I think of this book…

    • Hey there. I didn’t get a chance to really go through the whole book, but I did read some plants that interested me. The book is in a encyclopedia-like format, so it’s easy to find the history of a specific plants name. They don’t have everything, but it is interesting. I was trying to find out how Coleus got its name, but they didn’t have that plant.

      I was able to find “Who Named the Daisy? Who Named the Rose?” on eBay, for $1.88 (Buy It Now), so I purchased it. With shipping it came to under $5.00. I think it is a good to have on my shelf for reference.

      I was also able to find the book “Golden Gate Gardening”. Thanks for the suggestion. I hope it will apply to climate here. :)