Yeay!!! New Compost Bin…

I finally found another Smith & Hawkins BioStack Compost Bin for sale on a Craigs List ad. I sent an email out and it was available… so I drove about 45 minutes away in the rain and picked it up in Pleasanton. It came with some extras, was never used and a good deal at $45.

Smith & Hawkins BioStack Composter (Top Closed)  Smith & Hawkins BioStack Composter (Top Opened)

  • Sounds like a pretty good deal! I have trouble getting enough stuff to put in my compost bin.

  • My neighbor built his own, and I covet it very much. I’ve tried hinting that I’d like for him to build me one too, I’d pay of course. I may have to come out and ask him next month if he would do it.