Today after work, I stopped by Home Depot and bought myself a two bulb fluorescent shop light to use as grow lights, since I’ve out grown my aquarium. I got a warm bulb and used one of the cool white we had in storage; I hope this is the right combination. I just bought a 2 footer, because I have no room in my room for the 4 foot one.

I also got a bigger Jiffy Greenhouse (72 Pellets), so I can really start sowing seeds.

…And to top it off, I found a 3 pack of Dahlia ‘Peaches N Cream’. Imma grow one or two for our house and give one to my Aunt who has a collection of Dahlias.

  • I’ve found that many seedlings aren’t too fussy about the kind of fluorescent tubes in the shop light. Last year, I had pretty good growth under the light that had only one functioning blue bulb. Go figure.

    Last night I read something in by a guy who puts reflective stuff to the side of his growing setup. I’m thinking about how I might implement that — tinfoil over some old foam core I have lying around the house, maybe.

    • That’s good to hear. I think 2 light bulbs should be plenty. I’m planning to put foil around the setup like I did with my aquarium. Possibly, putting the planting tray into a large cardboard box and covering the inside with foil.