Earlier This Week…

Sunday Jan. 29, 2006

I was able to take some photos of the garden. I just haven’t downloaded them to my computer.

I potted the Yellow Crocus that my brother didn’t plant into two small rectangle pots that I found laying in the corner of the garden. I also potted the Giraffe Dahlia and the Yellow Peruvian Daffodils that I purchased the previous weekend into one gallon pots.

Tuesday Jan. 31, 2006

Five potted Coleus cutting (3 Kong Scarlet, 1 Pat Martin and 1 Velvet Lime) graduated from the Coleus Aquarium and are now in their new home at work to over-winter.

I purchased a Jiffy-7 Mini-Greenhouse with 12 Jiffy-7 Pellets, for $1.88 just to try it out since I never used it. I planted 2 pellets each of these seeds:

– Tomato ‘Brandywine OTV’
– Tomato ‘Great White’
– Eggplant ‘Scarlet Chinese’
– Coleus ‘Dappled Apple?’ (Collected from last year)
– Columbine ‘William Guinness’
– Carex sp.? (An ornamental grass that I collected)

I also bought a pack of small ZipLock-type bags to organize all the seeds I’ve collected, especially the Coleus seeds and Ornamental Grasses that where here and there.

The Jiffy pellet were convenient, but seemed small, but I may move the seedlings to bigger pots if they grow too big and not ready to go outside.

Wednesday Feb. 1, 2006

I bought three more Mini-Greenhouse as gifts; one for my coworker Purr and two for Michael’s birthday.

I also bought a few seeds packets:

– Columbine ‘Barlow Mix’ (Aquilegia vulgaris)
– Zinnia ‘Candy Cane Mix’ (Zinnia elegans)
– Zinnia ‘Envy’ (Zinnia elegans)
– Nicotiana ‘Peace Pipe’ (Nicotiana sylvestris)
– Blue Fescue (Festuca ovina glauca)

  • I’ll be interested to read of your experiences with the Barlow columbines. I’ve not had good luck with them, although I bought my seeds around the time that there was some kind of worldwide columbine blight or something, which may explain it. I’ve got an old package of A flabellata maxi star that I thought about starting — but with the community garden now growing townhouses, I would have no place to put them. Also some collected A flabellata nana alba from one of the gardens. If you’d like to take a chance on these seeds working for you, send space time coordinates to myusername at livejournal and I’ll mail them to you. No guarantees, though — I think both sets of seeds are at least two years old.

    • ooh… The Maxi Star is a pretty happy looking thing… and the Nana Alba with short spurs and rounded petals is a very cute! I like the Nana Alba a lot. Thanks for the offer, I think I’ll take you up on it… I can try them out and collect seeds for your later in the season :)