Rose Restoration Project

My Mom was always fond of her Roses. We have at least eight plants along the front of our house and driveway.


She would cut these to about a foot from the ground every year, but during the past few years, she wasn’t able to, so they grew bigger and had a lot of branches and limbs dying off. I tried pruning them a bit and taking the dead limbs off, but over the years there were more and I wasn’t as diligent as my Mom was at rose pruning.

Rose #7 before pruning.

After my Mom passed away last year, the Roses were getting more uncontrollable. After going to the Vallejo Garden Club’s rose pruning demonstration this year, I set my mind up to prune our Roses.

As I was pruning, I saw many dead limbs, some of which were pretty large and caused blank areas in the plants. I also noticed that there were lots of rot and decay at the base due to the unswept leaves laying near the base. I cleaned these up as best as I could.

Rose #1 after pruning.

Some of the plants didn’t look like they were going to do well, but they were still alive and I’m hoping they would rebound. There were a couple that I think should be replaced due to the rotting base, but I want to keep my Mom’s Roses, so that gave me an idea… I think I will take cuttings and try to root them to make new plants that I can use in a couple of years to replace the older ones.

Rose 'Talisman' and Rose #1 rooted cuttings.

[Update] Another thought entered my mind. Since we have a couple of volunteer Roses coming up from the roots (I believe they are Rose ‘Dr. Huey’), I can take cuttings of these, root them up and make new Rose Rootstocks to graft the cuttings above onto.

So starts my Rose Restoration Project…

Pear Tree Pruning + Zinnias, Strawflower, Coleus and Herbs sown…

It’s the first of June, but it’s seems like it’s winter or early spring. In fact, it was raining for a bit this morning, but luckily it stopped by the afternoon.

Dead Pear Branches

I did major pruning on our four pear trees. I noticed that there were a lot of dead branches, so I pruned anything that was dead. I didn’t get everything, and I may leave one of the tall branches in the middle Bosc Pear since I noticed that that where our neighborhood hummingbird loves to perch and sing. I still have more to prune, but it was getting late and I was getting tired.

Dwarf Border Sunflower Potted Up

Before going in, I planted the 5 Dwarf Border Sunflower plants into a 5 gallon container. I’ll move this to the front later this week.

Zinnias and Strawflower Sown

I also sowed Zinnia ‘Whirligig’ Folia, Zinnia (Fall 2005) Folia and Tall Double Strawflowers Folia.

Inside, I sowed 8 kinds of Coleus from seeds I saved:
Coleus (Unknown Burgundy G2-2006/2011) Folia
Coleus (Dapple Apple G2-2006/2011) Folia
Coleus (Sedona G2-2006/2011) Folia
Coleus (Amora G2-2005/2011) Folia
Coleus (Kong Green G2-2005/2011) Folia
Coleus (Kong Salmon Pink G2-2010/2011) Folia
Coleus (Dark Star G2-2005/2011) Folia
Coleus (Splash G2-2006/2011) Folia

Coleus and Herbs Sown

I also sowed some herbs:
Basil ‘Hybrid Thai Lemon’ Folia
Basil ‘Lettuce Leaf’ Folia
Basil (Sweet, Chia brand) Folia
Perilla frustescens (Shi-so) ‘Vietnamese, Tia To’ Folia