Cookies and Muffins + Shelving Unit…

  • 12:27am My Mom just baked some cookies and muffins :) #
    Nanay Baking Cookies and Muffins
  • 6:59pm is Seafood Citying… and the parking lot is empty… #
  • 10:53pm …so at 10pm I decided to dismantle the shelving unit in my room and add bigger shelves. I didn’t realize how much stuff I have in it. Dang! #

New Shelf for My Seedlings and Cuttings…

My Uncle Ray made me a really nice shelf out of some scrap wood that he had. I gave him the dimensions that I needed to fit 6 nursery trays and they fit perfectly! :)

Now I have an neat way to store my seedlings and cuttings

Thank you very much Uncle Ray!!!