New Shelf for My Seedlings and Cuttings…

My Uncle Ray made me a really nice shelf out of some scrap wood that he had. I gave him the dimensions that I needed to fit 6 nursery trays and they fit perfectly! :)

Now I have an neat way to store my seedlings and cuttings

Thank you very much Uncle Ray!!!

  • Anonymous

    I cannot believe you

    How could you even write that! That’s so sad to know that after going through all the work and stress, you think that no one would want to be you. Get a grip! You’ve surrounded yourself with people and other things that need you in their lives! Cherish them! And if you already do, which I know you do, STOP WHINING!

    You’re doing a great job! Keep it up! And if you feel your sefly slipping a little work harder at it! You achieved your goals up to this point, right? Stop punishing yourself.

  • Wow, that’s awesome. I want an Uncle Ray! And those are the neatest little newspaper pots I’ve ever seen. Do you plant the newspaper with the seedlings when you put them in the ground?

    • I read that you can go ahead and plant the newspaper with the seedlings, but mine seem too thick to me, so I carefully peel them off so they don’t restrict the roots. I either tear the leftover newspaper and compost it or flatten it out and use it as a mulch around the seedling.