Tomato Harvest + Flowers Starting to Bloom…

Today I thinned the seedlings in the newspaper pots to a few strong ones. I’ll thinned them to a single plant once they get a little bigger.

I also clipped a lot of dead leaves from the tomatoes and cucumber to make things a little tidier. Anyone know why most of the bottom leaves are dying on my cucumber? Is this normal? or is there something wrong?

I did my fourth big tomatoes harvest and I got a lot, considering I only have two tomato plants this year.

Here are two photos of flower that are about to bloom

Fucshia triphylla Firecracker

Naked Lady

I’m not sure if this Naked Lady is Amaryllis belladonna or Lycoris squamigera. Can anyone tell just from the photo?

  • I think it’s Amaryllis. On Lycoris, I think the part where the buds attach is a little different. The buds are attached more separately instead of as if they are being “unwrapped” like in your photo.

    Of course, I could be completely wrong :)

    • I think you’re right :) I must remember to take a picture of the open blooms…

  • Hi back! Thought I’d pay you a visit since you visited me. :) Those are beautiful photos of beautiful flowers (and some yummy-looking tomatoes, I wish I had room to grow tomatoes). :) Do you have a large garden?

    PS I love your journal, made you a mutual friend. :)

    • Thank you for your compliments… Our garden is actually not that big. I wish I had more room and more sunny locations, but doesn’t everyone :P

      I’m glad we’re mutual friends :)