Arnel Pineda…

It was a busy day at work… and I’m starting to get a little stressed with a web site project that switched from simple to a little more complicated… plus our Studio Manager is still out on jury duty!… I wish they would hurry up with the trial already!

After work, I picked up my friend Darwin and we headed to his place. AJ was at his place and we all headed to the Pacific East Mall to have dinner at Daimo Chinese Restaurant.

As we were looking over the menu. AJ asked me and Darwin is the person sitting at the next table was Arnel Pineda (current lead singer for Journey). We looked over and he really did look like him. The group he was with kept taking photos so we were pretty sure it was him. At one point, Darwin waved and smiled and Arnel did the same… so I glanced over again and smiled and also waved… Me and AJ wanted to take a photo with him, but were to nervous/shy to ask… until both our tables were finished with dinner.

AJ wasn’t getting up to ask, so I got up the nerve and walk over to him and politely asked if he was Arnel Pineda. He was really nice and said yes… then I asked if we can take a photo with him… He agreed and someone at the table called over Darwin and AJ to squeeze together and take a photo.

Our New Friend Arnel Pineda

I asked Arnel what he was doing here and he mentioned that he’s recording an album… I asked it it was for Journey or solo and he said Journey… So we thanked him and his family with big smiles :)

Thanks Arnel :) Here’s Arnel Web Site

After dinner, we went back to Darwin’s and went over some of his contracts that he’s looking over for a new condo he’s buying… He sure did talk for a long time on the phone with his realtor…

PlantCam Working + Yojimbo + Avatar 3D

Tuesday, January 5, 2009

I brought my PlantCam to work to see if I can get it to work properly because I had trouble with it before Christmas and just haven’t had the time to fiz/play around with it. Yojimbo SushiOne of my coworkers suggested using a different SD card and low and behold… it worked… so I did a couple of test time-lapse photos of the office and street outside and it totally worked. I need to find a process to make nice fades between the shots. They seem to play smoothly on my Mac, but once I upload them to Flicker, they don’t fade and just switch photos, like a slide show.

After work, my friends Darwin, Janet and AJ treated my out for a birthday dinner at Yojimbo Sushi. YUMM!!!… We ordered a lot but I guess Darwin was really hungry… hehe

When we finished, Darwin and I drove over to AMC Bay Street 16 in Emeryville to try to catch the 9pm showing of Avatar 3D… Despite nodding off at the first 10 minutes of so (I was really tired and sleepy and just eat tons for food, hehe)… I really really loved the movie!!!… Once they got to the evening scenes with the forrest radiating with so much color lights… I stayed up. The main character was also cute (which is always a plus :)… I think this has to be one of my favorites movies… If you have the chance to see it in 3D, do so!!!


I was so glad it was Friday yesterday. I was so tired at work and although I only worked 4 days (I was sick on Monday), the week seemed to have taken forever. I guess one of my work projects that kept on coming back with client revisions had a little something to do with it… anyways…

After work, I headed to a Darwin/Janet/AJ’s place so we can head to Yojimbo Sushi in Alameda to celebrate AJ’s birthday. Happy Birthday AJ!!! We had tons of yummy food at a really reasonable price, and the staff kept giving us a lot of "extras", because they said our food took a while to get to us. We weren’t complaining though, but this just reaffirms that they have pretty good service.

After dinner, we were planning to go see the movie Astroboy, but we ended up seeing Paranormal Activities, which was an okay movie. I didn’t know anything about it, so I was just kinda a bit scared since I heard a comments about it from some of my Facebook friends.