New Library Card…

Today after work, I went to the city library and signed up for a new card. I wanted to see their selection of garden and landscaping books. I got four books to read during my commute and free time:

– Rodale’s Weekend Gardener by Erin Hynes
– The Frugal Gardener by Catriona Tudor Erler
– Succulents for the Comtemporary Garden by Yvonn Cave
– The Cottage Garden by Christopher LLoyd with Richard Bird

Once I got home, I checked the Sunflower bed to make sure bugs or snails didn’t chew it all up. It looked fine.

I also planted 3 pots of various Coleus and placed them in the front patio.

Is this a moss or fungi?

I bought a strawberry plant and it had this moss or fungi looking thing growing with it.

moss or fungi looking thing

Does anyone know what this is?

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Sunday’s Plantings…

On Sunday, I planted Aurea, a cool little “stepable” ground cover, randomly here and there. I want it to take root and spread because I just love it’s color.

Lyssimachia nummularia “Aurea”

My mom planted some Bataw (a Filipino bean)

I started planting a 6 pack of Sequoia in the strawberry pot I bought on Saturday, then realized I needed more strawberries to top it off… so I took a trip to Target. I ended up buying 3 more Strawberry plants, a Coleus and a Euphorbia

My Target purchases
Target purchases

Closeup of Euphorbia polygona “Snowflake”

Closeup of Coleus

The completed Strawberry Pot
Strawberry Pot

I also planted 3 other pots: (left to right) Euphorbia polygona “Snowflake”, Acanthorhipsalis monacantha, Euphorbia obesa
Repotted Cactus

In the front yard, I tore some weeds out to create a new bed for some sunflowers.

Sunflower bed (before)
Sunflower bed (before)

Sunflower bed (after)
Sunflower bed (after)

…and finally here’s Kelly (our dog) pretending she’s a lawn mower

Saturday’s Home Depot trip…

On Saturday, my Mom and I went to Home Depot to buy some potting soil. We ended buying more…

Potting Soil, Steer Manure and Soil Conditioner
Potting Soil

A Strawberry Pot and a $5 Pot

My mom bought a 6 pack of Celosia and a 6 pack of Zinnias. I bought a 6 pack of Coleus
6 Packs

Harvesting Plums…

Sometimes we harvest plums from the ground :)
Plums on the ground

Here’s what I collected


My Lemon Grass has rooted…

About a week and a half ago, I bought some Lemon Grass from Seafood City (a Filipino grocery store) and soaked it in water to see if it’ll root.

Well, it did!!!… and I noticed that a side shoot was starting to sprout, so I planted it in a pot with soil and hopefully it’ll start growing more shoots. I never grew or seen a Lemon Grass plant, so I don’t know if I should cut the original stalk back.

Close up of the roots and sprout
Lemon Grass close up

The planted Lemon Grass
Lemon Grass planted