Mystery Plant

I have a weed in one of my containers that I can’t identify. I don’t want to kill it because I’m fascinated with the plant. At first I thought it was a pepper or tomato, but it doesn’t seem to be one.

The plant is about a foot and a half in height and has leaves that resemble a pepper or tomato leaf. It has round green fruits that look like a tomato, but is only about 1/4 inch round and turns to a dark purple (almost black).

Photo 1
1. The fruits above are about 1/4 inch round and turn a dark purple (almost black).

Photo 2
2. This is a similar plant I saw in an empty lot in San Francisco. Same fruits, but the leaves are slightly different from the one I have at home.

Can anyone identify these plants? Thank you.

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A few pictures from yesterday…

Here are a few pictures I took yesterday for some of my vegetable.

Baby Cucumber
My first baby Cucumber

Eggplant Bloom
My first Eggplant bloom


New Zealand Spinach
New Zealand Spinach

Pear Tomato
My first Yellow Pear Tomato fruits

French Sorrel
French Sorrel

Welcome to my Gardening Journal

Hello and welcome to my gardening journal.

I created this journal to keep a personal log of my little garden and to share photos and experiences with other gardeners. I also find myself reading posts from communities and other gardeners on a daily basis.

I’ve been vegetable gardening in my parents back yard since I was in high school (way back in 1985), but once I moved out and went to college, I was limited to only a few container plants, since I primarily lived in apartments. When my father passed away a few years ago, I decided to move back home to keep my mom company and so I can help take care of things at home.

I started vegetable gardening again (yeay!) late last year and was surprised with our harvest even though I had a very late start… This year will be my first “full” growing season in over 17 years!!!… I’m really excited to get back to growing vegetables in a real garden bed.

Feel free to comment to my posts and/or send me an email… Enjoy :)