Garden Maintenance…

The Garlic that I planted in the fall has totally failed, so I amended the soil and planted a packet of Tendergreen Bush Beans. I’ve never planted bush bean before, and I’m worried that once the emerge, the pincher bugs are gonna gobble them up.

The Sparkler Radishes that I planted earlier this year has bolted (pic) and didn’t form bulbous roots, so I just pulled them out, chopped it up and put it in the compost bin.

The Gladiolas in the front is starting to bloom. They are so red… I gotta take pictures of them.

The Plums keep dropping their fruits so my mom, placed a tarp under the tree to catch the fruit. I think we’ve harvest like 3 grocery bags full of plum. I’ve brought some to work, and have another batch for tomorrow.

The Grapefruit tree in front have TONS of fruits. Last night my mom picked 2 grocery bag fulls and we brought it to my brother’s house.

I noticed that one of the Strawberry plants sent out another running. I can’t decide if I wanna keep it or snip it of so the energy goes to the berries.