The Forgottens and Kangkong…

I noticed that the Tri-Color Variegata Peppers has fruits. Yeay!

Tri-Color Variegata Peppers

I planted the “forgotten” Lettuce and Swiss Chard grown from seed to the edge of the vegetable bed near the Cucumbers. I also planted a “forgotten” Brandywine OTV Tomato in an empty space in the other bed. I really doubt if it will produce fruits, but I felt bad for not planting it sooner.

I transplanted the “forgotten” Perillas–Large Leaf Korean Perilla ( photo ) and Tia To Vietnamese Perilla ( photo )–into larger pots, so they can grow a little larger before I plant them either in the vegetable bed, or in a Coleus pot.

This evening, I cooked a simple Filipino dish called Adobong Kangkong for dinner. As I was preparing the Kangkong (Water Spinach), I decided to save some to see if it would root.

Kangkong (Water Spinach)

I did some research and was surprised to discovered that Kangkong is a member of the Ipomoea genus along with Morning Glories and Sweet Potatoes.

Coleus ‘Red Ruffles’ and ‘Peter Wonder’

A photo of Coleus ‘Red Ruffles’ (left) for lblanchard. I think this Coleus looks like a red version of Coleus ‘Peter Wonder’ (right).

Coleus 'Red Ruffles'   Coleus 'Peter Wonder'

‘Kong Green’ Babies…

Last year I had two Kong Coleus. (Coleus ‘Kong Scarlet’ and Coleus ‘Kong Green’)

The ‘Kong Green’ cutting that I wanted to overwinter didn’t survive, so I planted some seeds that I harvested, hoping that I would get more ‘Kong Green’ plants. Instead I got four different looking children.

Coleus 'Kong Green 4 (Hybrid)'   Coleus 'Kong Green 3 (Hybrid)'

Coleus 'Kong Green 2 (Hybrid)'   Coleus 'Kong Green 1 (Hybrid)'

Here’s the mama plant from last year (2005).

Coleus 'Kong Green'