Tonight’s Gardening…

The Message Bean has sprouted its first leaves.

Message Bean (First Leaves)

I planted two more Coleus pots. One contains ‘Red Ruffles‘ (new plant), ‘Unknown Speckled Green‘ (found cutting) and ‘Trailing Rose Frost‘ (overwintered cutting).

Coleus Pot #23

A ‘Trailing Rose Frost’ Survivor Snippet

More Gardening Shows…

One of my favorite gardening show is back on the air on HGTV. Gardener’s Diary is airing at 4am (PST) Tuesdays and Thursday, preceding Rebecca’s Garden.

There are also more showings of Gardening by the Yard during the week, airing at the same time slot on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

I checked Yahoo! TV and it looks like these are older episodes, which I don’t mind, because I probably haven’t seem them, so they will be new to me…

My gardening show archive continue to grow… yeay!