A Little Bit of Gardening…

I haven’t been able to work on the garden in a while. Today I was able to do a little bit, today… although I still have to fix up my third vegetable bed for the fall vegetables.

I did my monthly Coleus pot moves, moving some of the pots in the front patio back to the back and some pots from the back to be highlighted in the front. That way everyone gets their time in the spotlight…

The Coleus are in bloom now. I’ve been clipping the flowers back, but for some of the varieties that are past their prime, I’m letting them go.

I did notice that one of them is close to dead. I’ve had trouble with Coleus ‘Fishnet Stockings’ since the spring. For some reason the mealy bugs really like it and have been attacking no matter how much i try to spray them out. So I took some cuttings to see if I can start some off to over-winter.

I also sowed four six packs of Sugar Snap Peas and Dwarf Gray Peas (a Snow Pea)… I was gonna sow some lettuce and chard and other greens, but my Mom wanted to go grocery shopping, go I had to go. I’ll plant those tomorrow.

Tonight’s Gardening…

The Message Bean has sprouted its first leaves.

Message Bean (First Leaves)

I planted two more Coleus pots. One contains ‘Red Ruffles‘ (new plant), ‘Unknown Speckled Green‘ (found cutting) and ‘Trailing Rose Frost‘ (overwintered cutting).

Coleus Pot #23

A ‘Trailing Rose Frost’ Survivor Snippet